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  1. My initial setup for cycling I have a (and have used): JBJ 30 Rimless Tank RODI water (tested ZERO everything) mixed with Red Sea Coral Pro Salt (to 1.025) Tropic Eden ReefFlakes Dry Rock Seachem Stability 'ghost fed' Formula Two Marine Pellets (small) Carbon Bags and some dry rock rubble in bags in the side towers Media Reactor w/ Two Little Fishies Bio Plastics and Innovative Marine Carbon I upgraded the pumps to a larger single and lighting is a Current USA Orbit IC Pro 24". I tested the water every other day for 30 days, and I have not seen any results above zero. Ph is good, everything seems fine. I want to add livestock/corals/ anything, but it seems like the tank has never cycled? Am I over filtering? Is the water too clean? I haven't done any water changes. Should I find a small live rock at a LFS for a boost? How long to wait? I have been in and out of the salt tank hobby for over 20 years and I have never had a tank not cycle? Suggestions are appreciated!
  2. Badgerspit

    Y-Diverter for Powerhead

    Hello all, I am setting up a 12g NanoCube Deluxe and was looking for some kind of Y diverter where the powerhead flows into the tank. I have seen the Loc-Line products, is that what everyone uses or is there an easier/cheaper/premade one that someone could link me to? I have already upgraded the stock pump to a MJ900, hope that was a good upgrade? Thanks in advance P.S. - Something like this stuff...
  3. Badgerspit

    Basic Salt to Water Ratio

    Wow, quick replies! Thanks everyone! Well, I have a 180g SW (Fish Only) tank at home and I buy my Salt in bulk from an awesome LFS. So, it comes in a brown box with Instant Ocean on the side and 5 big unlabeled clear plastic bags inside. So, no instructions... I know about what my ratio is for that tank, but, since my water changes are MUCH bigger, and I was (apparently) to lazy to do the math, I thought I would ask here. Thanks again!
  4. Badgerspit

    Basic Salt to Water Ratio

    Hello everyone. Sorry to be a n00b, but... I recently got a 12G NanoCube Deluxe and am setting it up in my office at work. My question is, is there a "basic" ratio of how much salt and water to mix for initial tank setup? What I mean is, is it like ~2 cups of salt per 5g or something of that sort? I realize that I need to test the SG as I go, and that it's always better to add less at first, because it's definitely easier to add more later than the other way around...but, I was hoping to skip the trial and error part... I have two 6g jugs of RO/DI water ready to go, with plenty of Instant Ocean/Reef Crystals. Thanks in advance!
  5. Badgerspit

    Nano-Reef.com Birthday Giveaway

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BEST NANO SITE OUT THERE!!! (I am SUCH a n00b!!!) Good luck to all in this awesome contest.
  6. Badgerspit

    Where do you buy your corals?

    There are several LFS in town. All of them but one are 1)REALLY BAD and/or 2)REALLY EXPENSIVE. I only go to one place, they don't have everything as far as supplies, but that's what the interweb is for. At the LFS I DO go to, the owner and his wife are the nicest people in the world (although you do have to prove to him first that you care about the health of your livestock and are at least semi knowledgeable, or it seems he won't sell it to you because HE cares so much...it's true, I swear!). On top of being the nicest people, THEY are EXTREMELY knowledgeable and are willing to go the extra mile to help with anything. Oh, yeah, jsut FYI, the store is called... Fish and Other Icthy Things, in Oldsmar, FL Yay. First post!