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    My 33 Long Reef

    Just some updated pics....I had to take the Oci Clown and the Angel back to the LFS because they wouldn't stop beating on my clam. I replaced them with a hippo tang and a Tomato Clown. The clam is doing well... The new hippo is doing well. His name is Rocky. As is the new Clown....Siegfried. Sorry, the flash came on. Ich Control Hammer is getting huge. I was thinking about fragging it. Started as 5 heads 9 months ago and now I have +20 Full tank shot Left side and right side Later everybody...
  2. Reefer33<(((<

    Garf's Grunge Plus!

    In my opinion, I would invest the money in quality live rock. The inhabitants will migrate to the sand over time. To me, this is selling dirt in a bag. I have a bridge in Wisconsin and land in the Everglades if there are any takers?
  3. Reefer33<(((<


    Take the Electricity out? Anyway, this has been a pretty common occurence, from what I have read on this and other forums. Can you give us an update on the status of your corals? Every time this has happened to another's tank, it was a total loss. I just wanted to see if you had survivors. I personally will never, ever, use moonlights because of this possibility. To loose an entire tank to 20 bucks of lighting falling in would make me sick for days.
  4. Reefer33<(((<

    Breeding fish on a large scale for profit at home

    Getting a degree in Marine Bio doesn't do squat. I work with a guy (37 Years old) that has one and he couldn't make ends meet testing water samples and working at a large aquarium. There is no money in the field and after trying for 7 years to make a living, he is selling tv's and furniture. People have the inspiration of brightly colored fish and corals when electing to go Mar/Bio and are shocked when they can't apply there degree.
  5. Reefer33<(((<

    Duncan Danger

    I hate crabs and will never have another one in my reef. I would take the arrow back, do a 15% water change and throw some new carbon in. I love Duncans. I have not bought them yet because my LFS has caught on to the trend and I refuse to pay $50 a head.
  6. Reefer33<(((<


    When I first got in the hobby, I would awwe at the colors of coralline. I could never get it to spread. Ro/Di water and regular water changes and you get this... I believe Purple Up is a waste of money. Kind of like selling Live Sand. Little time and effort and it comes as a bi-product of learning the hobby.
  7. Reefer33<(((<

    aquascaping tips

    Enfuego. your scaping is insane... I'm a big fan of the two island approach. It's all about the coral growth. You may think it's ok now, but once coral and coralline algae spread, you will like it that much more.
  8. Reefer33<(((<

    Breeding fish on a large scale for profit at home

    Why not try something that fetches a higher profit like orchid dottybacks or experiment with a harem of flame angels or hippo tangs. As said before, breeding cheepo damsels might leave you in the red at the end of the day. Later
  9. Reefer33<(((<

    noob corals

    Not sure what you mean by "Stock Light" but here are some of my favorites: Ricordea Kenya Tree Toadstool Leather (Kind of the Obligatory Coral in any tank) Open Brain Palythoa (Green or Brown) Green Star Polyps Daisy Polyps Yellow Polyps Pizza Polyps Colon Polyps---Joke, but check your prostate after 45 and my absolute favorite coral on the planet that I am saving to buy....Elegance Coral. Sadly though, this coral is no longer considered a novice coral to keep. Speculation on the collection of the specimen is up for debate in being the culprit for the low rate of survivability in aquariums over the past 5 years.
  10. Reefer33<(((<

    Help Xenia dying

    I would snip the healthy polyps and let them settle somewhere else in your tank. Sometimes that's all youcan do to save a stalk. Once xenia goes, IT GOES
  11. Reefer33<(((<

    Kenya Tree Feedings

    I agree with 2Ocean...I have had a Kenya tree for 6 months and have watched it triple in size without ever feeding. I don't like feeding corals in my reef (33 Gallon Long). I am more concerned with polluting the water than providing nutrients. For me, water changes every 3 weeks and feeding the fish once a day seems to work well in giving the corals what they need for growth.
  12. Reefer33<(((<


    The Anaerobic bacteria alone are worth 500 bucks... You know, if he actually sells this, he is smarter than all of us combined.
  13. Reefer33<(((<

    Is your reef tank missing that special something?

    Do your fish a favor and throw one in the tank...
  14. Reefer33<(((<

    Indoor Scuba Aquarium

    For 50 bucks you can come over and stick your face in my tank
  15. Reefer33<(((<

    My 29 gallon Tank

    My head hurts and I demand the last minute of my life back...