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  1. Opaquelace: Lalani photo dump time June 2014

    love the photobomb with Noah in it lol tank is looking great too!
  2. prolly a duh question

  3. prolly a duh question

    thanks for the input, here is my 6.6 gallon bookshelf tank, with 10k compact florescent on it. I just like my colors to look normal. call me old school. LOL
  4. prolly a duh question

    Ok Then if I am going to use it for a collecting tank and don't need or want any growth and love the look of 10K, then I have made a great choice?
  5. prolly a duh question

    when I say new breed, I am referring to the newer keepers of nano reef tanks, they all seem to be using way more blue light, then in the tanks of past years. I am wondering if this is better for the coral or is it they think it looks better?
  6. prolly a duh question

    so then why do so many of the new breed, go for so much blue? themselves or the coral?
  7. prolly a duh question

    Are we talking from the human eye or from the coral's point of view?
  8. prolly a duh question

    i wasn't sure we were splitting k's i thought you said very bad
  9. prolly a duh question

    I have always loved the 10K everyone with the blue look, kills me. just go buy a pair of blue glasses
  10. prolly a duh question

    wait, so it's 3 watts? Then if I use it over my 1/2 gallon, that would give me 6watts per gallon. I think that would be able to support softies!
  11. prolly a duh question

    Dang, I wish you had posted that sooner, I could have saved .58 cents.
  12. prolly a duh question

    thank you for the input I will pack it as a travel light for my 2 gallon collection tank it will only be used for me to see the stuff
  13. prolly a duh question

    I have tanks from 1/2 gallon up to a 110 gallon. I saw this on ebay and had to have it. I was just wondering if it would be enough light for any saltwater life? shrooms, zoos, etc.
  14. prolly a duh question

    would this light be any good over any saltwater tank? like even a few softies? 48 LED 3W Aquarium 2 Mode Clip Flexible Lamp White & Blue Light 85-265V