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    What'choo looking at foo?
  1. clownfish1124

    How is this skimmer?

    it's bad? you better make a legitimate argument.
  2. clownfish1124

    How is this skimmer?

    how is it? the design looks neat and it is only $35! linky
  3. clownfish1124

    Clowny's 29 reef is not that dirty!

    a little early for dinner, but: i absolutely love this picture: out of focus finger leather is happy in it's new area: also moved the yellow polyps and the zoas: the hammer was also moved sorry bout the dirty glass: i admit i have a problem... with bubble algae (the GHA is almost gone!) FTS: LSTS(left side full shot) sorry about the dirty glass. these are pre-cleaning pictures: RSTS. My toadstool loves the direct 170 gph blasting! notice the ghetto surface skimmer : Happy? PS: made this one for Stevie: he won't need LSD for this one
  4. clownfish1124

    Lalani's 20H

    i think lalani should be like Glenn and overstock her 40b: 1 batfish 1 puffer 10 tang (wait this is more like humatrigger )
  5. clownfish1124

    Josh's 34g Halfmoon

    Vodka dose
  6. clownfish1124

    Biocube 29 W/ coralife 65 needle wheel skimmer?

    Not really. It isn't the best skimmer on the market.
  7. clownfish1124

    Biocube 29 W/ coralife 65 needle wheel skimmer?

    You might want to mod the skimmer first.
  8. clownfish1124

    Lalani's 20H

    Yay for new tank! (could you at lreast aknowledge my flower photo? )
  9. clownfish1124

    Smash's 5.5 gallon AIO

    Apaistias are also known as glass anemones. Majanos are brown
  10. And basic photoshop skills
  11. POLIZIA! humatrigger run for your life! (especially if you are prone to seizures)
  12. clownfish1124

    let's see the rare clowns!

    i only see 8 leopolds...
  13. clownfish1124

    let's see the rare clowns!

    "whatchoo looking at noobs?" EDIT: sorrry bout the dirty salt creep on the glass
  14. clownfish1124

    WTB hot pink pocilliopora

    check with SDT. She knows and has EVERYTHING seriously i think she has some hot pink sps