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  1. I have a Sapphire aquatics NC12 protein skimmer up for sale. I have taken down my 12 gallon and no longer have a need for this skimmer. Not exactly sure what these are worth now, I payed around 100 bucks or so when I bought it. So throw me a offer you think is reasonable. Email me at Dawagner3240@gmail.com, Thanks.
  2. Yea they're customer service sucks but I have gotten stuff twice from then, they screwed up one order but they fixed it although it took 2 weeks. Sucks nano tuners doesn't carry replacement splashguards n stuff for nano cubes any more.
  3. HELP! zoa polyp unattached

    Ive successfully used needle and thread to tie polyps down. And a little super glue underneath if need be, try for the gel not the liquid superglue.
  4. Reefing pet peeves......

    It definitely pisses me off when people refer to their corals by the designer name rather than here are some cool colored acans not "purple and green yogurt slinger" acan. Another peeve is green star polyps and people who worry over them. I hate them and can't kill them fast enough.
  5. Has any one ever found a simple adapter or toggle that you can use to dim the factory moon lights on a nanocube 29 HQI. I find that they are a little too bright to leave on all night long all the time. I had originally tried using one of those adjustable output power adapter that nanotuners sells but it fried the original LED's.
  6. JBJ Nano Cube Question

    Ive been running my 12gal reef since 2007. I tried the sapphire aquatics skimmer and didnt really see any difference except i had one more thing to clean. I usually just run a bag of purigen and phosphate remover. Also a deep sand bed in a nano is not really necessary youll be taking up too much room. just watch your feeding and do water changes. Those media baskets from Intank are pretty sweet also, ensures you getting good flow through the media you choose. Never heard of right now bacteria but i usually stay away from any of that fast start crap when setting up a new tank and just opt for some good quality live rock and some patience.
  7. Purigen or Chem Pure elite?

    I use both why not wont hurt anything. CPE removes phospates silica and some other stuff where purigen removes nitrates nitrites and ammoinia. I like em both better than just running plain carbon and a phosphate remover.
  8. Do you use a Hydor Flo?

    Whats a CD liner?
  9. banded pipefish-question!

    I'd say yould be fine, i personally dont think snails and hermits and cleaner shrimp play that much into the decision. I have a pair of blue strip in my 29 gal. Just don't think that your tank is gonna be able to keep up a pod population to feed it alone. I feed mine nutramar ova and they love it but theyll eat brine shrimp and mysis too. I kill the pumps for feeding so they can chase it down and eat most of it so the food doesn't all end up in the filter. Feed a little every or every other day and keep up on water changes and you should be good.