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  1. OH, ok. That makes more sense now. That'll still work great. I actually already ordered the floss holder on Amazon today. 🙂 Thanks for the reply. Brandon
  2. Well crap... I thought it would still hold filter floss on top. Maybe I need to order one of the $20 filterfloss holders then. 😕 Brandon
  3. I'm 90% sure I'm just missing something goofy here... but I just received my inTank fuge basket for my JBJ rimless 45 and it doesn't seem to fit the chamber. if I put it in one way, it's really tight and doesn't seem to want to go in. If I put it the other way, water just goes around my filter pad. What am I missing? Brandon
  4. If you change your mind, let me know. 🙂 Brandon
  5. Hi everyone, I am looking for a Tunze 9004 skimmer. AC or DC doesn't matter much to me. Let me know if you have one you'd like to sell. Thanks, Brandon
  6. That makes sense. I was thinking about the same as that. Thanks, HP. Brandon
  7. Hi everyone, Getting back into the hobby after a few years hiatus. I'm getting a JBJ 45g rimless AIO. I'm trying to figure out where I'm going to put it in my home office and I was wondering how much room you guys generally have behind your AIOs? I'm thinking being able to fit behind it will be beneficial, but I have limited room and I'm not a small person, so that could require a fair amount of space. 😂 I'm thinking if I put it closer to the wall, I may have to use a step ladder to reach things in the bottom of the back chambers or something similar, but this should be a challenge more than a full on issue. What are your thoughts? Brandon
  8. Hmmm... intriguing... I'm anxious to see what kind of PAR readings and coverage people get with these. Brandon
  9. I am also curious about the layout. I am planning on doing a 180g eventually (been thinking about it for years, but the time is finally getting close ) and have thought about doing this. I was thinking about doing 3 18" MakersLED heatsinks for mine, one for each 2ft section, but I'm not completely sure how to do the LED layout. Brandon
  10. Thanks for the reply! How do you like the color with the one blue? Have you tried it without the blue? That sounds like exactly what I'm wanting to do. Brandon
  11. DOH! Many thanks. I've had a 24g JBJ in the past. Old habits die hard. Brandon
  12. Hi all, I am probably going to purchase an 8g Biocube from a local guy. I tried to get out of this hobby for a while, and did for about 6 months or so and now I need a tank. My wife and I are planning on buying a house in the next year or two at the most and at that point I will be building doing a large tank. Until then, I'm going to put together an 8g nano. I actually have some supplies from my last tank that I was going to convert. I have 12 LEDs, but I only know that I have one red one and 3 regular blue ones. All of the other ones I need to test, but I can't seem to find two AA batteries right now. Anyway, how many LEDs and which mix would you guys recommend? I'm thinking something along the lines of maybe 3 or 4 XP-G Neutral Whites with 6 XT-E Royal Blues, 1 regular blue, and maybe 2 true violets at 700mAh, no optics (although I have about forty 60 degree optics if need be ). Would that be too much for an 8g? I get this feeling it might be... lol... but I'd really like to get the regular blue in there and it will need to be balanced with the others. I'm thinking about getting a heatsink from Nanocustoms since they seem to have a direct drop-in for the hood. They're fairly expensive, but would make the conversion process really easy and simple as opposed to going a slightly cheaper route that involves a lot more research and work. What do you guys think? Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Brandon
  13. Sold. No more PMs, please.
  14. Just about to execute this. Anyone else have any thoughts? Thanks, Brandon
  15. Yep. The regular blue LEDs have a lot more green in them than the RBs. And, FWIW, people are referring to them as "cool blues". Brandon
  16. What size sump are you using? Pics of the LEDs are required, too. Brandon
  17. Why not add a few regular blues? That is generally recommended for more green. In fact, its a big part of this thread. How is your PAR with the 38 LEDs over your 60g cube? I'm about to purchase a 60g cube as well. Brandon
  18. With that tiny amount of water, you don't have to worry about the tank being perfectly level. You'd have to stand on your tank to break those seals. It definitely doesn't hurt, though! Brandon
  19. Ummm... Mr. Microscope... did you know you forgot the "r" in your signature? Brandon
  20. Nice work! I hadn't seen those little filters before. Those are neat. Brandon
  21. NeveSSL


    Sold. Sorry. Brandon
  22. It is true that the ideal level is when you run everything at 100% and it looks right. However, it is MUCH easier to tweak a pot than add/delete LEDs. And you're going to have outstanding PAR either way. And you can definitely add/delete LEDs all you want. The problem is that you come up with a pattern that you use on your entire build to get good spread of light without spotlighting. Once you decide that this is too blue or not blue enough, you need to redo the entire thing to balance your new LEDs into the equation. Its incredibly labor intensive. My plan is to run my blues full-bore and adjust the whites, which will be running higher, to get my color. I'm planning on a 2-1 blue to white ratio. I will be running my XP-Gs at 1000mAh and my blues at 700mAh. I would have built my fixture this weekend, but I'm soon going to be upgrading to a larger tank, so I'm holding off. Brandon
  23. NeveSSL


    I will lower the price. I found a 9005 I want. $100 shipped plus PayPal fees (or you can send it as a gift for no fees, either way). Brandon
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