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  1. cheato vs sea grapes-the under appreciated macro.

    The problem I have with Caulerpa is that; 1) It has "roots" (not really roots) that cling to rocks and is very hard to get rid of once it invades your main tank 2) It's an invasive species. If you live in California it's actually illegal to have (even though lots of people have it). Read this http://swr.nmfs.noaa.gov/hcd/CAULERPA.htm And honestly, Chaetomorpha grows just as fast, though I don't think it can survive as well as caulerpa in unwanted places (like the oceans where it doesn't belong) V
  2. Nanomora?

    yes, this thread has been buried for a year or two or three... Just wandered into and and wanted to mention that "here in the future" (ha ha!) AquaC is releasing a nano-remora which is basically a shortened Remora. Marine Depot will be selling them! Though I have to say that my regular Remora actually fits on my 10g tank. V PS. In the future, we have flying cars and hover-skateboards. Also, the Red Sox will win the World Series. Yes, it's a scary future! Wooo woooo woooo!
  3. Fragging plate coral

    I'm no expert, but at a frag workshop I went to at the local reef club, we took a helio fungia and cut it into pieces with a chisel! I couldn't believe how brutal it was! I took home two pieces, which looked basically like dead plate coral skeleton with bits of flesh hanging from it. Now I have two very healthy plate corals (not quite recovered to the oval shape or size) after um... 8 months? Amazing. I'm not sure if you have to try and preserve the "mouth" but from the frags I took home, it looked almost like just pieces of the coral with no attempt made to have a piece of the mouth in all pieces. It looked really brutal, but I can't argue with results. Search around the web a bit more, but I'm just saying that it can be done! V
  4. Red fuzzy balls. What are they?

    Hey, I know this is a thread from the past, but I want to CONFIRM that the large Mexican Turbo snails will eat this stuff. My tank was INFESTED with it, and two MT snails mowed it right down. I mean there is NOTHING left. This was in my 58g tank...they do tend to knock stuff over ... Just following up ... V
  5. Powerhead won't stick

    If you can find cheap magnetic algae cleaners, you can glue the powerheads to the inner magnet. I bought some magnets specifically for this task...and never used them...I don't know if those ceramic magnets are "reef safe" or if they need to be coated somehow. V
  6. Arg! Stupid useless suction cups!

    Uh yeah, it's been 2 years or so and I still haven't actually fixed the problem! Actually, I moved to a 58g reef ready tank and built a canopy for it ... I planned a gap between the tank lip and the canopy base specifically so I could make acrylic hangers for my pumps...as it turned out, I broke the original 40g breeder I was going to use and bought the 58g tank...which had a FATTER rim...so my gap was eaten up. Good thing I had that gap or I'd have had to rebuild the hood...too bad there is no space to hang over the lip with a pump hanger. Having said that, my acrylic working skills are much better and I moved to a house with a workshop in the back so I'll definitely make a hanger for the pumps and work a way to hang them. What I do now is, for all the pumps in the tank, I make sure the power cord is tight so that the pumps can't drop to the bottom of the tank and cause problems. I also stopped using the aquaglobes. V
  7. Red fuzzy balls. What are they?

    Remove it as fast as you can. It is a plague to end all plagues! I have it all over my tank. I HEAR that those huge mexican turbo snails (size of golfball) will eat it. I think they do, mine was, until it croaked of unknown causes. I hate it, it will get everywhere. Luckily, it is easy to pull out, but it's nasty nasty stuff. Ditch it as fast as you can. V
  8. DIY halide pendant :)

    Also, Manitoba is a PROVINCE and Windsor is a CITY FYI... V
  9. HOB drain for a sump

    You might as well add an inner box, so you can get some surface skimming (taking water from the surface, which removes that scum that builds up). I responded to you in another thread, but I think I was mistaken in my interpretation of your setup. I thought you were presenting two different manners of draining the tank, as opposed to the top drawing being the return and the bottom drawing being the overflow. I think it would probably work. V
  10. DYI fuge

    The standard way is to use a HOB overflow box, with an inner and outer box. Just using a siphon is a seriously bad idea. The siphon will suck water until the siphone breaks, then it will be unprimed. Imagine what happens when your flaot switch turns off the pump or if the pump fails. The siphone will suck until it sucks air, then the siphon will "break" then when power is restored to the pump it will pump into the tank until the switch shuts it off and then the tank will just sit there. V
  11. Adding AC300

    Why remove it unless it's a space issue? (or a power consumption issue?) more flow is always better if you can do both! V
  12. why need external box 4 overflow?

    Nothing is to stop you, except that the tube will siphon the water down to that level, then the siphon will break as it sucks air, then the return pump will continue pumping and your sump will empty and overflow your tank. You can try it if you like... V
  13. Cheap Overflow

    I built one last year from the original design; http://www.reefs.org/library/diy/diy_winner1.html Same design. I hacked mine to pieces, making so many mistakes. I tried to make it quite with Durso and Stockman style overflows. The biggest mistake was that I tried to make it dual overflow. Some advice; 1) If you are going to dremel the "teeth" then go to the hardware store and get the 1/4 inch "Router" bit for the dremel, it eats through acrylic and makes NICE cuts. The other dremel bits will melt and crack the acrylic. The bit is like 10 bucks 2) The Lee Boxes are the weirdest thing. ALL LFS use them in the store but almost nobody sells them except at ridiculous prices. Search the web for "Lee specimen convalescent boxes" I ended up buying mine from these guys; http://www.petdiscounters.com/aquarium/bre...cimen_cont.html Get a spare one for general use, they are great for transporting corals and fish. 3) Use black electrical tape to wrap your U-tube, that will prevent algae growth, but on the downside, it makes it hard to see if you get a bubble in it. To avoid that, cut a piece of aluminum that fits over the whole overflow and place it on top of the overflow to block light in a removable manner. 4) I had two disasters with it, caused by the u-tube collecting a bubble and then losing siphon. The best way to prevent that is to flow water FAST through the U-tube. 5) Paint the outer box black or something, by the time I decommisioned mine (I have a 58g reef ready tank now) the outer box was filled with coralline, algae, feather dusters, worms, etc.... which all slow down flow and make it dangerous for your floor! V
  14. Help, sick zoo's!

    If I were you, I would frag the colony, and put the "healthy" zoos on another rock. V
  15. 10 gallon w/MH question

    http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/showthread...s&pagenumber=12 Halfway down the page...this is how I did mine. V