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  1. Help with this coral disease? Pic

    It's pretty cheap and grows like mad so I will probably just frag it and see if that helps. Thanks!
  2. There are 4 big spots slowly spreading across this coral. I was going to try and cut the unaffected pieces with a razor. Any ideas?
  3. The other tank.... 15 gallons of amazing.

    Please go cover... I've lost a black clown, a false perc, a 6 line wrasse, and a GDME to floor surfing before I got my lazy ass to get a cover.
  4. Billdemart's Inhuman Creation Station (20 High)

    Yeah that's what I'm thinking. I really did love that eel. And I hate to see him go like that, but it probably wasn't a good idea to put an apex predator in a little nano tank. I should have learned that lesson with my Huma Huma Trigger in my first SW tank. He killed everything. CUC's were just breakfast for him.
  5. Billdemart's Inhuman Creation Station (20 High)

    That used to be my avatar. I absolutely love CKY. They are one of the most underrated bands ever. Good stuff. Tank UPDATE: My eel is dead I couldn't find him for days and he didn't come out during feeding.... I knew something was wrong. I looked all over the floor and couldn't find him. I ended up finding him in a bucket of water next to my tank I can't believe he jumped out after never going near the surface for 7+ months. Sad. Although on the side of slight positivity it was a pain in the ass feeding him. I will have more time to focus on corals now. I may pick up another shrimp, in fact I probably will do that soon and a few more crabs. My ridiculous population of stomatellas keeps the tank really clean. I am starting to buy a lot of chalices and zoas and I'm going to start a ric garden again. Bought a JBO topoff and Tom aqualifter but haven't gotten any tubing for it yet. Need to get that going. Sold my frogspawn for 50 bucks. I really liked it but it took up the entire right side of the tank. Too big for this little tank, I'll get another when I get a bigger one.
  6. Mr.corals coral.

    I've placed one order from him before and everything was fine except one chalice that bleached completely within a week. I moved it to shade immediately after temp acclimating it and noticing some bleached spots on the ridges. The Zoas took forever to open up but they look pretty good now. 10 bucks for 3 heads of fruit loops and they are already popping two or three more. I just placed another order with 11 frags and a clam. Can't wait to see them all.
  7. Grumpy Candy Cane

    Brown Jelly Disease? http://www.athiel.com/lib/bacterial.html
  8. Something to eat Amphipods and Flatworms

    Yep. I think I'm going to get another one. I miss my old one. He wasted everything bad.
  9. Billdemart's Inhuman Creation Station (20 High)

    Interesting. Thanks I'll try that.
  10. Feasibility of a 20G Extra High

    Yep I definitely want a shallow tank next time. 8 or 9 inches max. I don't like my 20 high.
  11. crocea clam in my pico?

    My LFS sells clams like that for 60 bucks.
  12. **40G! MY LPS GLORY TANK!**

    Is that My Miami?
  13. T5HO bulb combination?

    I'm assuming you haven't seen this thread http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=178954
  14. Official Reefcleaners.org feedback poll

    2 out of 2 for me have been the same. More than I ordered, and just incredible communication, shipping, arrival etc. I am stunned that 4 people actually voted thumbs down.