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  1. Gone. I'll post the dry goods stuff for sale later. Thanks, Bill
  2. EMERGENCY - Giving away all my corals and LR Hey guys, I have a 10 gallon nano with Zoos, GSP, and Xenia and about 20 pounds of LR and 10 Pounds of LS. Also crabs, snails, and a perc clown. I am kind of out of the hobby now but ive been maintaining the tank. Well the tank is leaking now and I really dont feel like messing with it so I am giving away all my livestock. I will sell the other equipment later or now if you want to buy it. Anyway I need someone to pick this stuff up FAST. I am home from now and all weekend except for about 1.5 hours today around 12 to 2 or so. Please call me ASAP if you want to come grab this stuff. First come first serve. Home phone - 678-442-8646 Cell phone - 678-772-9254 I live in Buford by the Mall of GA Thanks, Bill
  3. Well I found a site that has it as well as the 13 watt 1/2 actinic 1/2 daylight bulb. Is that what I should get? Thanks! Bill
  4. Thanks very helpful except that i can't read anything on that premium aquatics website. Its terrible. I couldn't find the light. I looked over at hello lights but couldn't find it there either. Is there anywhere else to get this light? Thanks, Bill
  5. My aquafuge arrived today! Hopefully it will help my tank get rid of this crap hair algae. I have some questions however. How much Live Sand should I put in it? How much live rock? What type of lighting? I got the middle sized aquafuge. Thanks! Bill
  6. My aquafuge arrives today. I hope it helps....
  7. Damsels are mean SOB's. I wouldn't keep one in my nano.
  8. Yep it definitely should. I have the same lights, and its open tank. Bill
  9. Here you go. They were my first choice before I knew about Dr. Mac & Sons. From what I read they are very similar. But they were closed for a week and I wanted my LR immediately!
  10. Here's my vote, Dr. Mac & Sons Coral. Check this thread: Very colorful rock, came with a filter feeding cuke, tons of feather dusters, very small snails that come out at night, some button polyps, and its pretty porous. I will always order from them. Nothing I have ever seen in any LFS around me comes close to the rock I got there. Bill
  11. 1) No it doesnt get very hot. The fans work very well IMO. It gets warm, but won't burn your skin by lifting it off the tank 2) Definitely get the legs. I love the legs. 3) Yep its gold alright!
  12. Forget the pepp unless you have aptaisa. CLEANER CLEANER CLEANER CLEANER!
  13. Scarlet cleaners are the bomb. Coolest thing in my tank by far. And he eats out of my hand.
  14. Sorry Chron misread the post.
  15. Hi Syaeger Check these links. They have some links that should help you out. Thanks, Bill