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  1. Thanks @Christopher Marks! It has been interesting to see how the SPS has really taken off....I initially threw a couple pieces in there to see how they would do and have gradually added more as there has been luck in some great growth! Really am surprised as I don't have any special equipment and don't dose anything - weekly 5 gallon water changes seem to be doing the trick! The red monti was the very first SPS I put in there and it has grown like crazy....and yes, some unique growing patterns. It is starting to run into the pocillopora so need to figure that out. My birdsnest is also growing into the monti - not sure if it is worth moving them around or trimming or just letting mother nature run its course?? Thoughts?
  2. Some recent pictures...filling in nicely!
  3. Been a couple of months since I have posted so thought I would post a few pictures. I believe I have overcome the Ich battle thanks to the product @A Little Blue recommended! Tank is filling in nicely! Look forward to anyone's feedback.
  4. Well been awhile since I have posted an update so here it is......just got back from a two week vacation to no issues but actually great growth. Corals are growing in nicely and doing great. I am 5 weeks into my fallow period to rid the parasites so will be able to add some fish here in a couple of weeks. latest FTS...
  5. Got it - will look into giving it a shot!! Thanks!
  6. Thanks! I assume this product is reef safe? Would love to keep this fish and beat the ick and add some more in 6-8 weeks....is it really that easy???
  7. Well I am going to go ahead and return my clown to the LFS over tomorrow. He seems to be able to fight the ick just fine but want to rid the tank from the parasite so I can enjoy some other fish too......so in the 8 week fallow period, will focus on keeping my corals healthy. The tank keeps filling up one LFS trip at a time! Lucky to have a great fish store within an hour from me.😀
  8. Certainly could give that a shot.....I am just battling with that I will be gone to Europe for two weeks in early September and would like to use that as the fallow period. So do I get rid of the fish now.....so after I return, I can give it another shot...?
  9. Well some updated pictures.....got a healthy sized tricolor Arco yesterday from the LFS. My clown is still going strong despite the potential ich.....not sure what to do at this point. Take the clown out and go fallow for eight weeks? Or is there a way to keep the clown in there and get over it?
  10. Well it is interesting- I still have a clownfish in my tank that seems to be strong enough to beat it. That said....if I keep him in there - there is still a place for the parasite to prosper. Trying to decide what I should do with the clown as I don’t have room to setup a quarantine. Thoughts?
  11. Thank you! Wish I had a better camera to show it off!
  12. Here are some updated pictures - everything is coming along nicely! Other than my ich issue....time for a fallow 8 weeks...
  13. One more picture....it appears to be where the polyps are, maybe they just aren’t extended at the moment?
  14. Just in the past couple of days have noticed these black spots on a couple of my SPS. They still seem to be healthy but didn’t know if it is something I should be concerned of?
  15. Picked up several frags and a striped blenny this afternoon. Just introduced them an hour or so ago so still opening up. Some pictures below -
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