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  1. Gabe's PicO is Back

    After lots of calls and facebook messages, they finally called back to me. The guy I talked to said, we can give you 100% of the value of the mushroom that melted and 50% of the value of the zoas that haven't opened. Or, if you wait until next week and they still aren't open, I can give you 100% on those. He said credit... Kind of frustrating and I'm not certain this is best practices from a company. Especially when they literally put 6 high end zoas in a single bag and the two mushrooms in the other. Whatever, lesson learned. I hope by credit he means refund. Is that being unreasonable?
  2. Gabe's PicO is Back

    Called store again today: "my supervisor needs to handle this" me after a few seconds of silence, "can I talk to him?" him "Oh he doesn't work Tuesdays." $130 of dead coral sitting in the tank. (More, technically, because they called last week saying their website was out of the stuff I ordered and offered to send in extras to make up for it, I said sure) Not super excited about this order or how its been handled thus far. Edit: This is my tank porn. Not all porn is good. Bad shipment by Gabriel Manis, on Flickr - That's a $90 Shroom... Nice and bleached. Shroom bag on arrival by Gabriel Manis, on Flickr Bad shipment by Gabriel Manis, on Flickr - These are probably gorgeous if they weren't dying. Bad shipment by Gabriel Manis, on Flickr - Cool rock with a dead zoa! And one that isn't miserable. The only other living piece in my tank: Bad shipment by Gabriel Manis, on Flickr
  3. R65

    Sorry to hear, Roger.
  4. Gabe's PicO is Back

    Package arrived today. Not surprisingly the corals didn't fair well. The toxic green bounce shroom is super bleached, but in tact. The second shroom was in a super brown/cloudy bag (I assume) and nowhere to be found. The only zoanthid that is open is the Utter Chaos. The rest of the zoas are in various states of being pissed off (from "that's probably not going to make it" to "that tissue vaguely resembles zoanthid tissue'). All the zoas were in one bag and a second bag had the one shroom and some rubble. The store I ordered from is closed today. I don't have any e-mail contact from them, so I was only able to send a private facebook message to them with all the pictures. Hopefully I get a call back from them tomorrow when they open and they can make it right.
  5. Gabe's PicO is Back

    welp by Gabriel Manis, on Flickr Well... I guess that means these corals will be in a warehouse or on a truck until Monday. The shipping company was NEX, which contracts with both Fedex and UPS for discounted rates. I'm guessing because this went through Memphis that it's on Fedex. I saw the Fedex guy drive by at like 10 this morning . High of 82 tomorrow and low of 59... Frustrating to say the least. Not sure how this will play out, but I will really hate to see the two WYSIWYG pieces die.
  6. MACNA 2016 San Diego

    On the fence. Would be really cool if there was going to be a nano-reef.com meet-up at a bar closeby. Would also be sick to get shirts. I'd def rock a n-r shirt.
  7. NanoBox Quarter Overview : RAP, news and more

    Dave, congrats on all the success and thanks for being such a good member of the community.
  8. Gabe's PicO is Back

    California Reef Company - careefco.com. They have a lot of great stuff with really reasonable prices. I believe they used to be the same folks that did Reef Raft US. Their SPS is beautiful online and I'm thinking that if this order goes as planned I will probably order again . Edit: looks like the discount got cropped. They have free shipping at $250. It wasn't working last night and I posted on their Facebook page and they quickly fixed it at like 8:30pm their time. Maybe they were watching the ducks get beat then ha! Thanks Dave. Appreciate the upgrades and will be in touch. Those Hybrids are amazing and will hands down go on any 24"+ tank I have in the future. Unfortunately it might be a littttle overkill on this tank.
  9. Gabe's PicO is Back

    Here's an order order by Gabriel Manis, on Flickr
  10. Bloodshots and Bowsers and more

    Any other zoas or specifics on the chalices or RFAs you have? edit: I am interested in the bowsers but would like to have a few more items to help offset shipping.
  11. Gabe's PicO is Back

    No picture updates yet primarily because of this: http://www.amazon.com/G-U-S-Corral-Cable-Organizer-Power/dp/B00TRKMBWY/ref=pd_sbs_229_2?ie=UTF8&dpID=41BLlm2qpRL&dpSrc=sims&preST=_AC_UL160_SR160%2C160_&refRID=11BXWMS4037SE5MCCDF6 Anyone use one of these? I got my RKL in from Reef Radiance. Took them a while to ship it, but I'm happy with a new RKL for $90, so no complaints. The tank temp was around 84* (oops) so that's going to get under control real quick. The link I posted said its length is 10.6" I just measured the PC4 at right at that. I might be able to use it by snipping off the mounting tabs. Will keep you posted. One coral in the tank :: that I picked up from a local swap a couple weekends ago. Lights out now, but will get a good pick up when I can. No diatoms yet, and all values are reading zero in the nitrogen cycle. I will probably hold on to what I have until I get the diatoms and order a clean-up crew from John (everyone on this site should get theirs exclusively through him - no brainer). First big stock will be from either Darwin at Legendary Corals or another really sick site I found. I have never gotten to buy from Darwin, but I did have a shopping cart full almost ready to pull the trigger the other day, but I couldn't quiet find enough corals I wanted to make the $350 free shipping. Maybe some day he will have more he zoas I'm looking for and few high end pieces to get it to $350.
  12. Nano Sapiens 12g - Ye Olde Mixed Reef

    was hoping to see some updates, hope you have been well
  13. Solddd

    Almost snatched it for a hypothetical build that's many months out lol.
  14. Urbanek's 250

    Brilliant as usual. I'm particularly excited to see how the RR Led Zeppelin progresses. Also, very cool Sanjay story . I would buy a Calendar too!
  15. Nanobox/bluefish issue

    Sounds simple - but if you have two wires for the different channels going to the BlueFish, did you try reversing them?