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  1. Yes seems like it! Yeah, I bought the Fluval EVO "Sea" 5-gallon last week...we'll see what it develops into. Regarding the chaeto reactor, I remember a fellow New York reefer ran this SPS heavy tank using only a large chaeto reactor. Swear to God, no skimmer or pellet reactor. Just the chaeto and some chemi-pure, with the weekly WC. This was at least six years ago, glad to see the trend is finally catching on.
  2. Haven't been around for a couple years...excited to come back to another one of your builds. Following!
  3. Still changed the world
  4. I'm surprised he's lasted this long. I'll bet he's reading this thread as a guest!
  5. Zia's *INSANE AIO* Contest

    Jacobnano though...
  6. Ledtric order, need advice.

    It seems that whenever something goes wrong Mike does a great job at trying to fix it. I don't think you'll be in distress for long
  7. Zia's *INSANE AIO* Contest

  8. hey's custom pic0... small fts update

    Looking good Do you plan on lighting the "turf scrubber"?
  9. Introducing the Maxspect Razor Nano LED

  10. Disaster's 160gal SPS Reef Tank

    Loving that tang
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    This thread needs a new FTS
  12. hey's custom pic0... small fts update

    Leave it minimalist is awesome
  13. SOLD

    Only in America GLWS