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  1. Yes seems like it! Yeah, I bought the Fluval EVO "Sea" 5-gallon last week...we'll see what it develops into. Regarding the chaeto reactor, I remember a fellow New York reefer ran this SPS heavy tank using only a large chaeto reactor. Swear to God, no skimmer or pellet reactor. Just the chaeto and some chemi-pure, with the weekly WC. This was at least six years ago, glad to see the trend is finally catching on.
  2. Haven't been around for a couple years...excited to come back to another one of your builds. Following!
  3. 4g

    Maintenance & filtration? Looks good!
  4. Filtration and Maintenance? Looks great!
  5. What do you feed yours?
  6. Quick question: what is that thing sticking out on the top of the tank?
  7. There are few negative aspects in this image.
  8. Beautiful
  9. Inspiring
  10. Nice name there
  11. This should get a couple comments
  12. No one likes urchins.
  13. First Purple striped Mandarin Ever!
  14. Want Hey what do you shoot with?