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  1. Someone told me the fluval sea marine & reef nano lamp is overkill for a 2.5g fluval spec. Will it cause problems?
  2. Thank you for all your responses. I will Test with a tds meter first. Will start with distilled water. I am in an apartment but see there are portable ro/di filters that I can hook up to a sink or garden hose. I will probably go that route.
  3. I am setting up a fluval spec 3 and have no access to ro water. I have read you can use prime water conditioner on tap water to make it acceptable for marine use. I plan on live rock and a few soft coral. I was told distilled water is not good because copper tubing is used to make it. Any ideas?
  4. Anybody have experience with either of these lights? Want to use it on a Fluval Spec 3 for soft corals.
  5. Want to set up 2.5g fluval spec for live rock and a few soft corals. Looking for good led light. I saw the fluval sea marine nano led lamp (20w) and the fluval sea nano halo (22W). What would be suited to this setup?
  6. :oI have a AP 24 which is 17.5"deep sitting on a 3/4" piece of plywood the same size. My aquarium stand is 14" deep. Is it ok the plywood and tank overhangs on the back of the stand by 3 1/2" ? Thanks for any advise before I fill the tank.
  7. Setting up a aquapod 24 Hqi. I purchased a JBJ auto topoff and need to buy a pump. I have seen suggested many different pumps and looking for the best choice. I plan on placing a reservoir on a self under the aquarium, 12" below tank base. What should I buy? maxi jet 400.404,406,606,1200 or a aqualifter. Thanks for your expert suggestions.
  8. Tank looks very nice. I like your rock layout. Planning my AP 24 right now and looking for ideas. Did you secure LR or is it just piled up like that. I am thinking about epoxy to firm up the rocks once layed out but then I can't modify it easily. Sorry about your shrimp, it's always hard to loose anything. You always think it was something you did. Don't let that stop you from pushing forward!
  9. If I plug a regular power strip into one of the outlets on my shock buster GFRCI 5 outlet power strip will the items plugged into the regular power strip be protected from water?
  10. A basic question but what is the diff between alkalinity and kh? Are both important to test regularly?
  11. I'm open to suggestions on books for a beginner wanting to learn about coral selection for a 24 gal nano. Thanks---
  12. Hi--- New questions keep popping into my head as I plan my aquapod. If I keep lights off during cycling, will I loose the coralline algae and other live stuff on the LR.? If I use some light will it cause bad algae? Will a few hours a day of light keep coralline alive and limit bad algae and if so how long should I keep lights on? Also, If I want shallow sand bed what mm size aragonite sand is best? Thanks for answering very basic question from a newbie.
  13. Hi-- I have been reading forums for a week or two and see much conflicting info. So far it looks like this is the best way to start a aquapod 12 with pc lights. Add 15 to 20 lbs of LR Add 12lbs of aragonite sand Fill tank with salt water (ro/di water used) Run mj900(replaced stock pump) and koralia nano ( for extra movement) keep lights OFF Set 50w visi-therm stealth for 79 degrees Do NO water changes until cycling is complete Just top off with ro/di water when needed and test every few days. Let it go till cycling is complete. How does this sound and I would appreciate any advise on changes or additional steps. Also should I use carbon during cylcling? Can I fit heater in filter area if it is 8.25" long and is that better than placing it in main tank? Thanks for your help---Gar1948