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    stunning tank! VERY nice! I can only aspire to look like that I like the chaeto in the tank idea. I think I may get another little ball of it and stick it in a corner or something. How do you keep it attached or from floating around? or does it just attach it self since it's a plant or what? The blackout idea sounds like a good one ... I think I may try this, as I am battling some serious algae right now. GHA and the red slime (diatom?) stuff. Since that junk grows off light... eliminating the source sounds like a good idea.
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    Congratz! I was just up in PC over labor day .We didn't get to do any boating/snorkeling because of the dang hurricane though I was going to explore the jetties while I was there. Oh well. Maybe next time. Your tank is looking awesome.
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    WORDS TO LIVE BY!!! Keep those water changes up, and you will NEVER have to clean or worry about water levels. I never clean ANY of my tanks or bother checking water levels. I spot check them once in a while and they are always at 0 for the bad stuff. Those water changes are THE KEY to a healthy aquarium of ANY kind. I think I spend less than 15 mins a week on maintenance for all 3 tanks because of the weekly religious water changes.
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    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL tank! I only wish I could get mine to that level some day. Congratz!!!