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  1. Ill get the pics up later... had a little mishap. I went out to get a pic of it, noticed something on the floor. Apparently the sixline wrasse was enjoying his reflection in the top of the water (its perfectly reflective now that the lights are straight on the top of the water) and he was doing the show off and flip thing at his reflection and ...well.... he decided to flip out right onto the carpet. He flipped out in my hand as I dumped him back in, and he was barely moving for a few mins... and I think I just witnessed his final minutes a bit ago His own vanity killed him His name was Linus and he was about 2 years old. RIP little buddy
  2. You have to raise them up higher is all. I actually bought those 4 lights off my buddy who had them about 2ft above his BC29 in a custom hood he built. It was AMAZING. Zero spotlight effect, the entire tank just glowed. I already figured out how to build a hanger out of some conduit to mount to the back of the BC stand, so that should help spread out the light some once its raised up a bit.
  3. Since there is no easy way to mount Powerbrights to smaller reef lighting I had just kind of ghetto rigged some aluminum bars to hang over top of the whole thing. It looked really bad, but functioned. Sorry, I don't have a better BEFORE pic...I never took one, this one just happened to be in another pic I had of something: Now, for the AFTER: I bought new aluminum bars, 1" wide. I cut them 14" in length each I drilled out 3 holes under the center portion. Center hole lets me screw in the screw that holds the stock LEDs for the Sunpod in. I had to use a longer screw too. The holes on either side are so the stock LED's can still poke through. This way I was able to keep the entire Sunpod stock and functional. I then placed the Powerbright plastic mounts on the bars and drilled holes for them. I mounted everything up and it looks great! The whole project took about 30 mins. Here's the results: From the front, MUCH better than the old curved ugly bars. One of the mounting screws that attach to the sunpod bottom Screws holding in the powerbright plastic bracket Top front Top rear Underneath, it completely clears the MH light on all sides front, tilting the entire sunpod back so I can see under it One of the things I really like about it is that when I build my hanging mount for the Sunpod, all the Powerbrights will be attached to it and stay with the light. (I want to raise the entire thing up off the tank for better spread of light) Anyhow... not bad for a $4 project and 30mins of time this morning.
  4. I love those roselines! BTW 75gal will get too small for the bala, but should be ok for a year or so until they get into the 8+ inch size and just dont have anywhere to really let loose and swim. Get a good powerhead in there for flow for the bala, remember they are river fish, they like current. My bala (Dart) plus the tiger barb crew always got together and swam right in front of the powerhead for hours. I had a pair of them for a couple years, then one died and the other one was never the same. He died after about 5 years (dang new batch of fish brought ich in and killed him). He was about 11inches when he died and was one of my favorite fish. They are smarter than they look too. When they were smaller, I would put the food in, and sometimes it all got stuck in the corner. One would come over to investigate, ate ONLY one piece, then swam back over to get his buddy, then they both came back over and ate ALL the food before it fell and none of the other fish in the tank got any. I observed this multiple times. They are really cool. Also get that knife fish something like a clear tube or something to hide in. They sense with electrical pulses and get really scared, they can "feel" the other fish around them all the time, and a piece of PVC or something just big enough for him to swim in will make him more comfortable since it will block his electrical charge from feeling the other fish. A big piece of clear tube works fine, then you can still watch him. Other than that, nice looking tank besides the reef tank, I have a 75gal river tank I am slowly turning into a chichlid tank, LOL sucks when one fish does that. I had my electric yellow lab eat my entire school of rummy nose tetras over night once. If it can fit in any fish's mouth, it will eat it (especially catfish, chichlids, etc)
  5. That looks just like the baby majano (or aptasia, take your pick). You were asking about ways to kill them ? Joe's Juice works well. I asked for it at my local reef store and they had it behind the counter. It kills them FAST and doesn't harm the tank. Another way, since I noticed that rock in the original pic has nothing else alive on it, remove it, dry it out GOOD, leave it out in the sun, etc so it whitens again, start over with that rock again. That way its ALL dead. I just did that to a rock that just WOULD NOT be rid of the stuff. I Juiced them, and they kept coming back. So I just took the rock out. Bye bye pests!
  6. This one has worked just fine for about a year, it only needs a new needle wheel ($12.50 replaceable part). I've not had any issues with it at all and it skimmed wonderfully until I needed to replace the needle wheel. I decided to go another direction with my setup though and bought a HOB since I no longer have the stock hood on my BC29 (running open top with Sunpod and Power Brights) so I don't need the low profile skimmer anymore. The design is similar to most other square shaped HOB's only it sits inside the middle chamber of the BC29 and still lets you keep the stock hood on. Asking $80 + shipping of your choice Email is the best way to reach me: corvettejoe@gmail.com
  7. Hah, I got one of those guys! He's cool, though I NEVER see him out. He hitch hiked on some LR from my buddy's tank
  8. CorvetteJoe

    Goby ID

    ARRGGGGGG I finally found out what goby I had and the forum crashes and lost all the info. If those of you that helped me figure it out wouldn't mind posting the various goby links again please? One in particular was a link that had a little yellow goby with a tiger striped face that also had other variants of it... main species started with a P or something Here are the pics again:
  9. Well, the corals are starting to color up nicely, it's only been a couple weeks now. The red cap is coming back and coloring up nice...the green corals are unusually green and "glow" most of the time now. I put a few of the zoas that were not liking the light in the shade and they are all finally starting to open up now. I'll post some more pics once more stuff is opened up and looking good.
  10. I got the sunpod used off someone on RC in near brand new condition. Works great! I bought the PowerBrights new from World Wide Corals. They were a bit overpriced compared to, say, Dr Fosters... but I wanted them now now now! LOL. World Wide Corals has some amazing display tanks. Their main tank in their showroom has 12 PB's running over it. Their corals are amazingly colorful to look at in person. I'll have to get some pics of it all to post some time.
  11. I only wished I had cleaned the glass first. He rubs the heck out of the fuzzy mushrooms all day long, I don't know why they put up with it. He also spends a lot of time hiding between the two on the bottom. He sticks his head in and out in and out, its pretty fun to watch. He also defends all 3 of the big fuzzy shrooms from the other fish (like they even care) and tries feeding the mushrooms every day, the mushrooms aren't amused LOL. His anemone died a while back, so he re-hosted with these mushrooms. I was hoping he would go for the frog spawn, but I guess he likes the mushrooms better.
  12. I finally scraped together enough to upgrade the lighting in my BC29. I had originally had the stock hood, then used an upgraded hood with 4 lights in it but I still wasn't happy with the coloring of flourscent lights. I found a nearly new Sunpod on another forum and was instantly in love with the brightness, shimmer effect in the water and the way everything looked. Well, not completely. I missed the blue lights. I started making my own LEDs following a bunch of guides on here and came up with a good test unit, but then scrapped it once I saw the prices of the PowerBrights had dropped to just a little more than my project was going to cost me. So I scrapped it and bought the PB's. So, here they are: NOTE: Most of my zoas are still not used to the MH lights yet, so almost all but 2 colonies are closed up I can't wait for them to open up though. The one colony that's actually happy at the moment and always opened. Frogspawn unhappy zoas Green Fuzzy Mushrooms Nuclear Green Palys FTS: the PB's are hanging off the top of the Sunpod's top mounting holes for now with heavy wire until I can build brackets. FTS with all the lights on PBs above Sunpod and PBs on Some pics of the fish: Corals under all the lighting:
  13. 1 - he doesn't touch the various Nori's I've offered him. But the health food store seaweed idea is pretty good actually. I might look into that. 2 - Thanks urchinhead, but you've already posted that to me multiple times in the last year whenever I make a comment on my urchin LOL. It's helped tremendously though last year when I got the little guy. I agree it does need to be a sticky I've had him almost a year now and he's provided many entertaining moments for us
  14. I was noticing my new angel picking at everything the other day, so I figured ,perhaps I should keep him better fed to leave the corals alone. I put a small slice of romain lettuce in there from the dinner I was making that night to see if he would eat that instead. He was afraid of it and wanted nothing to do with it. Then I forgot about it. I came home last night and noticed it was all gone except for a small piece that was out of the water. Then I noticed the urchin was right up at the top as far out of the water as he could go trying to get to the last piece of lettuce. He was completely upside down with his mouth out of the water trying to reach it. I took the lettuce off the clip (it was just clothes pinned to the tank rim) and set it on top of his mouth. immediately he clung to it and the lettuce made it's way to his mouth where he sat happily at the top of the tank eating it for the next hour. I've not actually seen him eat up until now, the only thing he was feeding on in almost a year (as far as I know) was the coralline algae. He always seemed to refuse the nori I put in there in various places (tied to a rock ,placed him on it, I tried everything). So, I am happy to say that it looks like these strange critters will eat romain lettuce.
  15. Perhaps instead of wasting all these studies on this junk science of global warming, they should look into maybe stopping volcano or other things from happening, which pretty much pollutes more than mankind ever has or ever will in just one eruption. Oh yeah, I guess that can't be stopped. DOOOOOMMMEED! !! As to the original subject though: I like CF's because I can cram more light in the same spot. Screw saving energy. Instead of putting the little dinky 13w equivalent energy saving CF light in a 60w max socket, I am going to stick a 60w CF light in there for multiple times the lighting. Dim 40w max bathroom sink sockets? 9w equivalent CF lights? No thanks, I'll put a 40w CF light in there for multiple times the lighting. So, basically I spend the same amount on energy, but it's many times brighter without the current draw or heat effects. (yes I realize there aren't 40w or 60w cf bulbs, use your imagination. I am too lazy to go check the packages in the garage of bulbs)
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