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  1. Price reduced by $10 bucks!
  2. Selling a Sunlight Supply Tek 36" 6x39W light fixture. It is 36" long and holds 6 T5 bulbs. Condition: The fixture is in good shape and works nicely. The reflector has some pitting on it from age. See pictures for details. I have bulbs, but they are over a year old and need to be replaced. If you want the bulbs I can include them for free, otherwise I the fixture will come without bulbs. Price: SOLD! Pictures:
  3. Taking my tank down, equipment sale!

    The ReefKeeper is sold, all that's left is the T5 fixture!
  4. Taking my tank down, equipment sale!

    Bumped the prices down another $10 bucks.
  5. Taking my tank down, equipment sale!

    Slightly lowered prices on remaining equipment.
  6. Taking my tank down, equipment sale!

    The Eheim and Vortech are both sold.
  7. Taking my tank down, equipment sale!

    Sure, I'll mail some pictures w/ the lights on. I took the picture last night in the garage w/ my phone camera - the darker color is my reflection
  8. Taking my tank down, equipment sale!

    Sent you a picture. Shoot me an email if you (or anyone else) want some pictures of anything particular.
  9. Taking my tank down, equipment sale!

    Going to try and sell the RKL as a whole for now, but if there isn't any interest I'll part it out.
  10. Getting out of the hobby for a bit so I need to sell some equipment. Eheim 1260 pump - SOLD Pump is about two years old but works well, nice and quiet. Ecotech Vortech MP-10 (old style) - SOLD This is the old style with the blue control box. It's about 18 months old. It's a little finicky compared to the new style - the wet side needs to be cleaned sometimes as much as once a week, sometimes it'll be fine for a while. It also seems to work best in "Green" mode for whatever reason (I have the manual). Digital Aquatics ReefKeeper Lite Plus - SOLD This is the "Plus" model and includes the head unit, two power strips (8 controllable outlets total), the "system lab" unit, a temperature probe, a PH probe, and necessary cables. The PH probe may not be good anymore, it is a couple of years old and I have no way of knowing if it is still accurate or not. Other than the PH probe, everything else is in good shape and should be working nicely. Sunlight Supply Tek 36" T5 fixture (6, 39W bulbs) - $180 shipped The fixture is in great shape and works nicely. It will come with bulbs, but they are over 18 months old and need to be replaced - so I priced the fixture as if it didn't include any bulbs. If you are interested and have any questions send me an email!
  11. Breaking down tank - livestock inside!

    Everything is sold or pending sale. Thanks everyone!
  12. It's tough to say, but things have been busy lately and I need to get out of the hobby for a bit. As you can see from the pictures, the tank is doing well but I haven't had time to properly maintain it. There is some macro algae growing in the display tank, and bubble algae that needs pruning (or emerald crabs). With that said, I need to part with my favorite critters. Below is a list with pictures of the items. Prices are certainly negotiable, especially if you want to purchase multiple things. If you have questions or are interested, email me instead of a PM (I don't check PM's as frequently). Pickup / shipping: Folks that can pick up items locally will get priority, I am in Charleston, South Carolina. If you want to cover the cost of shipping I will gladly ship. I will be able to ship out once (maybe twice) a week. Full tank shot: Red/multi color acan colony: $49 Orange fungia: $49 / Red acan: $39 Both SOLD Blue maxi-mini carpet anem (Small): $49 SOLD Cespitularia: $69 ORA grade A Picasso clown pair: $299 Rose bubble tip anemone (Clowns happily host in it): $69 SOLD Duncan colony: $69 Florida ricordia: $39 Green acan: $29 Green maxi-mini carpet anem: $39 Green toadstool leather: $59 Nuclear green palys: $39 SOLD Green polyp acro: $49 Green star polyps: $39 SOLD Branching hammer coral: $99 Tree leather coral: $4 \ Orange digi: $19 SOLD Peppermint shrimp (good aptasia eater): $9 Yasha Hase goby & pistol (picture of pistol shrimp only, goby was hiding): $69 Dendro head: $29 SOLD Purple maxi-mini anem: $39 / Orange maxi-mini anem: $39 Red maxi-mini anem (small): $49 SOLD Orange and green scolymia: $199 Blue tort acro: $199 SOLD
  13. CodeToad's 40 breeder build log

    Just a quick snapshot. I haven't had much time to do anything other than basic maintenance, but it looks pretty good all things considered.
  14. CodeToad's 40 breeder build log

    Still going strong, I should snap a few new shots. It's looking much more mature.