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  1. Thanks! I think I got both the colorful legs and colorful personality - gatta love the rogue hermits
  2. Yeah, it isn't difficult to remove the watermark but it does two things: It requires effort on the theif's part, and more importantly it makes it clear that the image is not to be stolen or used without consent. There is no such thing as the perfect or unbreakable watermark, invisible watermarks are out there that go in the data, but can be defeated just as easily. Screen shot and a crop.
  3. Good shot! If you don't mind a critique: I enjoy your composition, you applied the rule of 1/3rds appropriately and the picture gives the feel that the crab has some traveling ahead of it. The background was well executed and the blur does a good job of not distracting attention from the subject, however the foreground of the crabs shell is out of focus. I would have liked a bit larger DOF, and it doesn’t look like it needed much, perhaps only a few stops. Good shot, I like it!
  4. This little guy ended up with a hitchhiker on his back in my majano desktop pico. He towed it around for the day and it cracked me up.
  5. I use a Canon EOS 10D and this shot was with my 100mm f/2.8 Macro lens. Nice mantis av
  6. Yeah, as always I agree. I don't like the watermark either, but I've gotten burned one too many times. Its point is to ruin any sense of composition if cropped, which it does, but unfortunately it's a tad intrusive. It's all for fun though
  7. Thanks for the comments guys
  8. Thanks guys The pumps were off and the water was still. That was looking down through about 6"-8" of water. Since this is a "for-fun" contest, I typically post shots that I think are unique or original in some way or another, not necessarily my favorite or my best. I'm not particularly concerned with getting the most votes, but I do like to see what people like and don't like.
  9. Taken from the top-down on a large bubble coral, trying to capture the detail in the bubbles themselves.
  10. Thanks You should be proud of that shot; it deserves way more than one vote. Contests like these that are "for fun" in nature I treat as such. I typically post shots that I think are unique or original in some way or another, not necessarily my favorite or my best. I'm not particularly concerned with winning, rather gathering data from what people like and don't like.
  11. Not that it much matters but you got my vote, best shot up this month is yours
  12. This was taken with my 100mm macro lens and a 36mm extension tube. I wanted to get a somewhat unique view of a common but nice Kenya Tree coral
  13. If you were at your cameras max aperture, the other way to increase your depth of field is to back off the subject a little bit; it may only take an inch or two. After you get the shot with a depth of field you like then you can crop it to size post-processing. You will obviously loose a bit of image in the crop for printing, but for the web it isn’t a big deal. You have a great sense of composition on this shot, still my favorite
  14. Nice composition! I would have preferred to see a tad bigger depth of field (f/stop or 2) to get the foreground of the polyp in focus, but it is still a fantastic shot, my favorite so far!
  15. Hahaha! That was really cool of you guys, too kind That clam was spectacular, I keep him in my NC12 JK JK!!! I captured this image at the lfs I worked at this past summer in FL in an AGA 180. It was sold and now happily resides in a custom 400 gallon aquarium