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  1. Hey Nano-Reef! Charlotte, NC - unfortunately cannot ship I am looking to part ways with one of the original Innovative Marine NUVO 24 tanks. Dimensions are : 36" x 12.2" x 13" Tank has no scratches, no leaks, and has not been used since a deep clean 1 year ago. No issues, no copper, used to house a saltwater reef tank previously. Acrylic feet/mini stand included and intact. Also glass top with mounting feet intact, not scratched either. Have original pump outlets line as well. -Asking $150 for the tank as it has had one owner, and is in excellent condition I also have two upgraded filtration columns for the tank, made by InTank. Used, but in great shape, all shelves working and intact. You want these for the tank if you need to run media. -Asking $20 for both Innovative marine Ghost skimmer sized to fit this tank, used for 2 months before tank was taken down, also works great without damage, fits nicely into the back chamber. -Asking $75 for the skimmer Innovative marine minimax reactor also sized to fit the, used about 6 months before tank was taken down. Used previously for GFO. -Asking $40 Also have a stand that is solid wood, painted black. Purchased from a furniture store and repurposed for this need. Works great, has 3 cabinets. Backside is kind of torn up but was bought this way. Drilled a small hole on the right for auto top off cords to run. Will help move it, fits the tank great and sets it at about couch height. Dimensions are: 50"(L) by 20" (W) by 27.5" (G). -Asking $125 for the stand Willing to hear offers, will help you move it around the greater Charlotte, NC area! Tank has tons of potential, great size for a shallow reef....see old thread below.... MR Addition: Planning to post them for sale also, but I have some livestock that I am getting ready to move out, but MUST GO TO A GOOD HOME!! They were previously all in my 90 gallon: -Paired Picasso Clowns -Yellow Tank (small/medium) -Melanurus Wrasse -Pink Spotted Goby All eating well, have been in my large system for 1.5 years each, dominating and growing. It saddens me to have to move them.
  2. Picked this up from Jason Fox at a trade show, mix between his version of a pokerstar and a rainbow...really cool, hoping to grow it out!
  3. C'monnnn mannnnnn
  4. Awesome fixture! I was really confused for a moment trying to figure out why your sunpod had spots.....Keep up the good work!
  5. Love your collection of SPS!
  6. Zombie Snails approaching.....great shot!
  7. Outstanding tank! I've always wondered with tanks this packed, how do you possibly do maintanence and reach in there without destroying things? Your ric rock is amazing.
  8. Your clownfish is up to no good planning something in the corner there...stripe envy I suppose...
  9. Outstanding fish !!!
  10. Great shot!
  11. Nice RBTA!
  12. Nice shot, I bet that extra space is a huge plus...
  13. It says MAX on the box....what couldn't it hold?