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  1. Hey Nano-Reef! Charlotte, NC - unfortunately cannot ship I am looking to part ways with one of the original Innovative Marine NUVO 24 tanks. Dimensions are : 36" x 12.2" x 13" Tank has no scratches, no leaks, and has not been used since a deep clean 1 year ago. No issues, no copper, used to house a saltwater reef tank previously. Acrylic feet/mini stand included and intact. Also glass top with mounting feet intact, not scratched either. Have original pump outlets line as well. -Asking $150 for the tank as it has had one owner, and is in excellent condition I also have two upgraded filtration columns for the tank, made by InTank. Used, but in great shape, all shelves working and intact. You want these for the tank if you need to run media. -Asking $20 for both Innovative marine Ghost skimmer sized to fit this tank, used for 2 months before tank was taken down, also works great without damage, fits nicely into the back chamber. -Asking $75 for the skimmer Innovative marine minimax reactor also sized to fit the, used about 6 months before tank was taken down. Used previously for GFO. -Asking $40 Also have a stand that is solid wood, painted black. Purchased from a furniture store and repurposed for this need. Works great, has 3 cabinets. Backside is kind of torn up but was bought this way. Drilled a small hole on the right for auto top off cords to run. Will help move it, fits the tank great and sets it at about couch height. Dimensions are: 50"(L) by 20" (W) by 27.5" (G). -Asking $125 for the stand Willing to hear offers, will help you move it around the greater Charlotte, NC area! Tank has tons of potential, great size for a shallow reef....see old thread below.... MR Addition: Planning to post them for sale also, but I have some livestock that I am getting ready to move out, but MUST GO TO A GOOD HOME!! They were previously all in my 90 gallon: -Paired Picasso Clowns -Yellow Tank (small/medium) -Melanurus Wrasse -Pink Spotted Goby All eating well, have been in my large system for 1.5 years each, dominating and growing. It saddens me to have to move them.
  2. MiddReef's Nuvo 24

    Tank continues to thrive, here is a (not-so-updated) FTS. The system has been running smoothly, I have noticed a great improvement in my water quality and very minimal algae growth since adding the reactor. Highly recommend if nothing else because they're so easy to clean without making a total mess. Keep growing, NR! http://s415.photobucket.com/user/MiddReef/media/photo3_zps93817994.jpg.html'> Bonus! http://s415.photobucket.com/user/MiddReef/media/IMG_3309_zpsc3ccee25.jpg.html'>
  3. Nuvo (Innovative Marine) Reef People!

    Yes! Nuvo owners unite! Very spiffy tanks, these. Looks like yours is coming along nicely!
  4. MiddReef's Nuvo 24

    Knock on wood he/she has been absolutely dominating since the fall, gaining weight and eating like a champ. Initially a shy fish but has really become comfortable and friendly. Maybe I just got really lucky but this one is very eager to eat whatever I toss in. I started with Rods but now he eats frozen, pellet, and even the algae drop in. Very active and interesting dwarf angel
  5. New Monti

    Picked this up from Jason Fox at a trade show, mix between his version of a pokerstar and a rainbow...really cool, hoping to grow it out!
  6. MiddReef's Nuvo 24

    Gentle currents: http://s415.photobucket.com/user/MiddReef/media/IMG_3331_zpsa5ea0b3f.jpg.html'> If you were a clownfish, I bet you would refuse to host this also
  7. MiddReef's Nuvo 24

    Nice growth on this (was green) blue milli....the thing came apple green with brown polyps and has turned into a very delicate dark blue base with light blue tipped hairy colony, it's started to branch up and continue to encrust...Reefon! http://s415.photobucket.com/user/MiddReef/media/IMG_3300_zps224b4655.jpg.html'>
  8. MiddReef's Nuvo 24

    NR meet a project fish of mine: Meet a species I originally met diving in Hawaii last spring, the elusive Potters Angel. I call this friend Kona I have waited for years for this one, finding one that was eating was tough but he's been doing just awesome. Hard to get a photo because they're so active once they get settled. I was afraid he would hide out but hasn't been an issue. Likes : eating everything, keeping clownfish in line Dislikes : tbd
  9. MiddReef's Nuvo 24

    Now, onto the fish that have called this Nuvo home since last summer: Resident clownfish: Likes: Eating, biting cleaning hands Dislikes: Hosting pristine RBTAS http://s415.photobucket.com/user/MiddReef/media/IMG_3324_zpsf635dfc2.jpg.html'>
  10. IM Desktop Reactor Worth It?

    +1 to these working great. No problems with one a few weeks in now, but really really easy to empty, adjust, and keep working. Tumble tumble!
  11. MiddReef's Nuvo 24

    Finally got some decent shots with a decent camera today, very difficult to get a realistic color balance, forgive me. Had to crank the lights to more "daylight" than they are, but the photos are pretty close to what you see in person: Project Zoas that have been growing really well, soon to spread and take the rock over: http://s415.photobucket.com/user/MiddReef/media/IMG_3315_zpsa3aa77f5.jpg.html'> Some non-camera phone shots of those awesome ones I picked up at a frag swap: http://s415.photobucket.com/user/MiddReef/media/IMG_3309_zpsc3ccee25.jpg.html'> Also got to meet Jason Fox there, he had some pretty cool montipora for sale. This is actually a mix of what looks like pokerstar (right) and rainbow (left). I'll leave the ZOMG names to Mr. Fox: http://s415.photobucket.com/user/MiddReef/media/IMG_3293_zps7e3657fe.jpg.html'> He also opened the flood gates to restart a Jedi-Mind-Trick colony: http://s415.photobucket.com/user/MiddReef/media/IMG_3322_zps251354f7.jpg.html'>
  12. MiddReef's Nuvo 24

    ok first things first: 1) The MiniMax Reactor: http://s415.photobucket.com/user/MiddReef/media/photo1_zpse5064323.jpg.html'> Very well built, fits together well, and is easy to empty and reload.....I certainly don't hate doing it, but I would say the flow rate is a little tough to dial in the first time, didn't realize I could play with the pump itself for a while, took some time to get the GFO calmed down: http://s415.photobucket.com/user/MiddReef/media/photo2_zps7b81e9a1.jpg.html'> Fits really well, I am slowly ramping up my GFO level for the next few weeks
  13. What do you feed your Zoanthids?

    Love? No really, in theory I suppose they eat when you feed if you utilize a very fine particulate food, but they will grab whatever you offer them and at least try. Rod's food has had some pretty good results thus far for me! Good luck!
  14. MiddReef's Nuvo 24

    Near tragedy to the Nuvo: Went on a short vacation, came back to a silent tank. Lights off, water 60F, no pumps on. Panic! Turned on everything and rewarmed slowly....fish looked really rough, two of them laying on their sides looking to be in ARDS. Picked them up and held them in front of a slow pump, they seemed to perk up as the water rewarmed. Wish I had taken a video. Long story short things survived, I am suprised at how resilient eveyone was. ....Best part: following this, the troll fish himself decided to show himself briefly, mock me at the front of the glass, and return to his lair. I am attempting to attribtue this event to him, but find the exact etiology unclear other than a flipped surge protecter. Very strange. Water change today, photos when the tank is sparkly again! Let's talk fish NR, I'm having some success with some cool friends!
  15. MiddReef's Nuvo 24

    Ended up adding the reactor this morning, starting with GFO, but having some difficulty keeping the flows in the darn thing down low enough to not pulverize the media... Pics to come