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    Reefing is my hobby music is my passion.
  1. ID MY ZOA

    Wait untill there more settled into your tank and have split a little, after that the collor will be more clear and could change entirely. try coralpedia.com, they have it all.
  2. water change help?

    By pads i assume you have a hang on filter. Get rid of it, its worthless in saltwater. The bacteria in the rock and sand cleans the water. You should do a bit more research.
  3. True Love

    what are the red ones on the top left? Nice zoas!
  4. transition to sps

    What kind of sps is that at the top?
  5. tmhasara's BioCube 14

    well not realy a huge problem but pods can be food sorces for allmost all coral and the help to keep a healthy sand bed and they do eat algie and any leftover foods from over feeding wich can keep your tak cleener. But hte sandsifter will die eventually so its best to remove it, realy the only nano reef safe stars are serpent, anything else has to specific of feeding requirements.
  6. tmhasara's BioCube 14

    The sandsifting star will decimate your pod population and then starve and the camel shrimp is known to eat coral, other than that it seems good.
  7. d

    Im religeouse and i gotta say that i dont find it at all offensive. Thats just what people "think" jesus looks like and it may be correct except for one thing........JSESUS WAS BLACK!!, seriously.
  8. Nano-Reef.com 8th Birthday Giveaway

    Love the new format!
  9. IMG_01602

    Is that a brain or mushrooms?
  10. 20 Gallon Long

    Schweet, i love softies.
  11. seanyb's 12G NanoCube

    Hey thats me! I think getting that fuge up with some cheato would help your cyano problem, and you should look into "silicate sponges" as well. Cyano need silicates to build there outer layer and hold together so without silicates you will be without cyano, if you cant get a hold to that then activated carbon would be usefull too.
  12. picsfish_002

    New desktop background.
  13. +100,000,000,000,000,000,000.7 JUst buy a 20 gallon long and a 10 gallon sump and go to town.
  14. Mhhjr Picotope - Month 3

    I realy like that, the zoas are fantastic and so are the mushies.
  15. 29gl fts

    Yeah my cam is crap, but you get the idea. And the mushies do spread real fast. That center brain only cost me $40!...but i could part with it for $200....