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    nice clowns... adding any other species soon?
  2. chaeto dealers?

    +1 for local and reef cleaners find your local reef club board and post... if you cant find anyone reef cleaners who are a sponsor on this site stock it for a good price, would be worth ordering frm them if you need clean up crew at the same time... john is a great guy, and very easy to deal with
  3. rock siliconed to glass

    thanks, dot think i want ttry it with my dremel haha, but will look into a masonary saw
  4. rock siliconed to glass

    im sure on here i saw a tank where someone had cut rock and siliconed it to the glass, but just cant seem to find it again... anyone got a link? is it possible to cut shelf without it breaking? if so how thanks
  5. wtb 007 golden eye zoas

    well the only pic i have seen of them is on zoaid not sure if posting the link would be a breach of rules tho
  6. as i said i want to get some thanks
  7. Rare Nano Fish

    flashers and mysteries are two completely different kettles of fish... mysteries are known to eat smaller fish and shrimp... flashers dont and have small mouths... you are more likely to lose a flasher from them hitting the floor jumping out while startled.. blue fw are very nice my favourite,which i have and is gorgeous is the linespot fw... candy basslet id vote for if $400 isnt an issue
  8. small t5s (18" or under)

    they were paired for 3 months and were inseperable, it was the randalls which the hi fin pairs within the wild...i saw the goby swim back into the burrow and assumed it had startled the shrimp on the way in because it flew back, lay on its side and later was deceased
  9. small t5s (18" or under)

    man you again... lol the starphire cube has a 250w sunpod, and the 24g aquapod zoa cube a 70w sunpod... i much prefer t5s to pcs but at the smaller end which has better bulbs? did i tell you my pistol shrimp accidently killed his goby pal ?
  10. small t5s (18" or under)

    yeah dont like the overhang tbh
  11. Giesemann Megachrome Blue 21K question

    im interested in this as well...
  12. small t5s (18" or under)

    the other day i came across some smaller ones that somewhere had...first time id heard of them, but i cant remember which site was selling them
  13. small t5s (18" or under)

  14. Best 24" T5 fixture in the $300 range.

    tek and aquatinics are greatunits