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  1. Very nice stack there, man! Good to see more people obtaining real money.
  2. Nice!!! Thats what I like to see, kicked back, watching the tank.
  3. Very nice:) Spas- You need to get out of here!!!
  4. Sweet!!! Is that yellow/pink artshade phal a 'brother sara gold'?
  5. Paint it like the nano reef logo:)
  6. Do you run any type of P04 export, fuge, media? Any temp, salinity, PH swings?
  7. Can you get a full shot of that blasto? I love blasto's:)
  8. Here's another good site,
  9. A 30g tank will be HEAVY, so I would make sure your desk can handle the weight first. I would go DE MH The DE are supposed to put out more light than the same wattage SE(single ended) So with the 150w DE it is really about a 175 SE. I have heard the 20k bulbs don't last as long as say a 14k or 10k, 10k lasting the longest. Also 20k don't put out as much PAR as a 14k,10k, the 10k would put out the most depending on brand. If you want more blue I would go with a 14k mostly for better PAR and they last a little longer. I'm looking for a couple 250w DE pendents right now so just do some shoping around, there are good deals out there.
  10. Blastos are getting fairly rare, It's one of my most favorite corals:) I'm looking for more wellsi color morphs that I don't have.
  11. I forgot. Could any kind of chemicals gotten into the water? Windex, airfreshiner, etc.?
  12. Hmmm, your sure all you params are good? I would do another test just to make sure. Any temp, PH or salinity swings? Your PH is a little low, should try to keep it at 8.4. Depends on when you took the test though. At night and in the morning the PH will be lower. I don't have a cube so I don't know much about them. How much light do they have? Is it a single 32w bulb?
  13. NOOOOO!!!! Not the blasto. What color was it? The current may have been too strong for the blasto which caused the polyp(s) to rip. Did you notice anything abnormal about it before the skimmer mod?
  14. It's probably just trieing to finish moving:) and the white bugs are probably pods(good guys). What are your Params?
  15. Mine's black:D