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  1. California

    Nice pictures, but I hate this place. Time to move out.
  2. Nikon D80 and pinhole cameras.
  3. Name the sickest Chalice and WIN A FRAG !

    Poo berries toomanytrix dog ate my crayons unicorn blood
  4. This hobby is almost as expensive as reefing!

    Very nice stack there, man! Good to see more people obtaining real money.
  5. SOLD. Octopus BH 100F HOB Skimmer

    Skimmer has sold. Sorry, guys. I didn't realize I had questions in this thread. I usually only check my PM's.
  6. SOLD. Octopus BH 100F HOB Skimmer

    Still for sale. I also have a digital Nikon D-80 with Nikkor 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 VR lense, Delkin card reader and 4gb card. ($600) I know a lot of you would like a good camera to shoot your tanks with, so that's why I am listing it here as well.
  7. SOLD. Octopus BH 100F HOB Skimmer

    Sent you a message, Ryan.
  8. $2 per pound. I am not shipping and would like to sell all the rock as a whole. I have roughly 60-100lbs. I will bag it and weigh it out only when I have a serious buyer. I will not knit-pic the weight/price. If it's a little over weight, I will round the price down and/or adjust accordingly if it's under. This is all in a 35g. I am in the IE 92320. Thanks.
  9. $100 plus shipping. Used 2 months. Everything works, and there are no cracks or anything wrong with it.
  10. Echino and Chalice thread....

    Thanks! As of right now, it is under a single 250w DE 14k Phoenix. The tank was re-established about 5 months ago, but, I had this coral before I tore down all of my tanks a couple years ago. A buddy of mine held onto a few of my corals during my hiatus.
  11. Echino and Chalice thread....

    Here's one on my ugly ducklings which has turned out to be one of my favorites. It started out as a small "frag" which was a very drab brownish green color. It has gained a lot more white since this picture was taken a few months ago, and the green is much brighter in person.
  12. I just returned from AIM, it's a bit of a drive for me but definitely worth it. This is my second time visiting the store and both times their customer service has been exceptional. That alone is worth the trip. I picked up a few awesome pieces while I was there which were pretty much given away! They received their new shipment this morning, and the blue zoa's are beautiful and extremely bright. They still have plenty, so anyone wishing to make the trip will not be disappointed. If you are looking for frags, they are even willing to frag most, if not all of their colonies... even their micro colony. I've never been to any other store willing to do so. But anyways, I just wanted to give this thread a bump for an awesome store.
  13. Does anyone know the store's hours?
  14. It's that time again!

    Awesome, man! I am also studying to be a nurse, and I am also a male. I'm thinking about going to anesthesia school as well to become a nurse anesthetist, but I suck with math, so maybe it's not such a great idea . Do you know what area of nursing you want to go into?