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  1. Coolest macro ever!

    To me it looks like a mushroom.

    Why cant you guys be in australia.
  3. Cycling with Cured Rock

    The problem with my tank is that i have to transfer my fish from one tank to another tank asap.
  4. John's Red Sea Max

    What is that green coral on the bottom of the tank?
  5. http://www.aquaristic.net/korallen-zucht-t...9-w.html?lang=1 Hi guys, Since the 250 has 6 T5's, just wondering which light should I replace with a Fiji Purple T5 globe before I get the rsm250, I like the color that the purple produces. Thanks
  6. Red Zoa

    Here is a Red Zoa that I just got
  7. My RSM 250

    Just wondering with the light timer, does it have separate times for the moonlights and T5's? or is it just one timer?
  8. Corals that Clowns will host

    What is this coral?
  9. red sea max 250

    Where??? I got quoted $3k for the tank/stand and pro pack.
  10. red sea max 250

    Plus the RRP for Australia will be about the $3k mark.
  11. Nano Wave 9 Return Pump

    Anyone know of anything that could fit?
  12. Hi Guys, do you guys know of any pump (that is a bit more powerful) that can fit where the return pump sits for the NW9? Thanks Anthony
  13. Hi guys, What I like to do is attach the moonlights I like to get up to the switch on top of the hood, I like to make this a "sleeper hood" if I can, now what sort of LED transformer comes standard in this model of tank? Thanks Anthony
  14. Aqua Medic NR9 LED's

    Hi, What is the size of the LED's that come with a NR9? We in Australia have a simular product called the Barrier Reef 400, basically this is exactly the same but comes with a fan next to the Fudge light to cool down the unit. But my LED nightlight has gone, so I want to replace this with a stock light. Do you guys know what sort of light it it? Thanks Anthony
  15. What are these things?

    The 1 photo isnt a shell it streches out etc, and it moves from one side of the tank to the other.