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  1. lil fish

    Nano-Reef.com 8th Birthday Giveaway

    Happy birthday I love my nano and it's all because of N.R and all it's members Thank you!!!!!
  2. lil fish

    You know you're addicted to reefing when...

    when you don't go on vaccation because you can't afford the gas due to a $400 a month power bill.
  3. lil fish

    Lalani's Pico Upgrade

    WOW!!!!!!!!! great pics. wish i could take pics like that.
  4. lil fish

    Dahlia's NEW 20L PICS page 70

    I don't post much and do alot of reading on the site and have learned so much from all of you , I just wanted to let you know that I luv your thread.I am a kitty and lg dog lover 2 I have 1 DSH Blk/wht "13" long story on his name but he makes biscuts so he's a baker and 2 very lg rotties both over 160# not fat just big!!!!!!! Sorry for the ramble my piont is that it may jump off track but one of the better threads on this site. What a better way to show off your luv of animals and be able to show off your tank at the same time keep up the fun. Michelle
  5. lil fish

    Substrate Choice?

    i have the pink in my 12 gal i love the colors but not what it looks like in the pics on foster and smith it's not pink but has a pink cast to it, it has alot of colors to it mine has yellow, blue, pink and orange in it,there are little pebbles in it that i never had seen untill i added the shrimp and goby combo... hope that helps a little
  6. lil fish

    My "Special" Clown

    lol, I step on toy cars
  7. lil fish

    Jellyfish in my tank!?!?!

    that is soooo cool.Poor Mr Jelly man
  8. lil fish

    "The Nano-Reef Handbook"

    I do have that book and i like it very much,but i have learned more from the forums that i read, i like to have the books as a general guide that i can get info from any time i need it, I can't always go on line and get a fast reply so i turn to my books.
  9. lil fish

    Tell me what you think!

    i say keep it it looks cool and if it were me i would be mad as hell if someone took my bedroom away!!!
  10. lil fish

    CUC slowly getting picked off?

    i was able to catch mine with a coffee cup propt up at an angle on the rock with a piece of shrimp in it i was able to get him on the first night. hope that helps and good luck
  11. lil fish

    Opinions on removing livestock from the beach.

    when our kids were younger we use to have a 10g tank in the back yard any thing they brought home went in the tank for the summer just to watch and learn then at the end of summer every thing went back. Boy i miss that, now everyone is too cool to get wet and dirty
  12. lil fish

    Pistol Shrimp

    my goby did't want any thing to do with the shrimp untill he was done with there lair now they are the best of buds. so fun to watch
  13. lil fish

    Clown Gobys in 3 gallon Pico

    I have a blk clown goby in my 12 gal tank i got him about 1 1/2 weeks ago and he is just now starting to eat i was told and read about them before i even got one it seems that it takes about a week or two before they will eat.... if you have enough bugs in the tank they will eat at night. hope that helps
  14. lil fish

    Frozen Cyclops vs frozen Cyclop-eze

    thank you that makes me feel better i have plenty of pods they are all over the back of the tank and all over the rocks.
  15. lil fish

    Frozen Cyclops vs frozen Cyclop-eze

    I don't mean to steal this but i just got a blk coral goby 2 days in the tank i have only seen him twice the fist time i put him in and when i turned on the lights this am he has not eaten yet he is so small how long can he go without eating????? i do have bugs all over in the tank