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  1. AirAngel's 24g AquaPod Adventure

    hey airangel... checked your thread out from the link you sent in my post Really keen to get myself a JBJ nano now... though not so sure I was to fork out for a actinic MH lighting rig for it. Im a smoker (terrible i know) and I have a serious airfilter in my studio where i keep my FW tanks... it dosent bother them but they have massive filtration and are larger water bodeis so i guess it buffers it... i think with an open lid, smoking would be a serious no no.... and well... what can i say... i enjoy the odd cigarette hehe
  2. Hello Everyone... im new :)

    Hey Jusiko / Thorin, thanks for the kind words I been on some other forums where I have been bashed about keeping that many fish in a 55g tank.... in my 20 yearts fishkeeping I have had bigger tanks, but living in london and having just moved 1.5 years ago, i wanted a "grow out" tank before I "adjusted" my girlfriend into accepting a 7foot monster tank. they will be upgraded, and the girlfriend is ok with the idea now as she loves the fire-eel... so anyone who is worried about the oscars can rest now hehe. I am definately not one to start something and not finish it... i look at fish tanks as me being the parent of these creatures and unlike a parent being able to spoil them rotten (without the bad behavoir patterns of kids hehe). Airangel Personally I would go with white riversand... if you get the blue (not actinic) tropical FW T8 tubes... its practivally looks marine / brackish... everything looks great.... detritus wont get lodged in the crevices of the gravel and the tank remains clean. If your fish are light, they will be more bold if they feel they blend in with the background... and youll probably find they come out more and get more tame. To clean, I used to use a gravel VAC / siphon... with the sand, i just use the silicone tube attached to the van, but hover it above the sand to get the dust and/or any particles. If you decided that white sand wasnt the way to go, you could just siphon it all up into a few buckets and have a clean bottomed tank in about 5 large buckets.... then try the black. though i definately think natural white sand (you love marine so try it!!!) hehe
  3. Hello Everyone... im new :)

    thanks for the link Orange crush.. will definately give it a squizz Fish02> why did you have to rip off the lid? was the current lid insufficuent for the depth of water and the reef life? thanks Ray Whisperer> 2 weeks is the maximum holiday that we go away for with our FW tank, but we have a neighbor who fell in love with our tank and daily was in to feed, switch on the off the lights and im sure a 10% weekly waterchange is something that wouldnt put him off too much. I see that they sell cannisters for FW and SW.. what is the difference? could I put my tetratec EX1200 into a SW setup? as its not listed as either... or would the SW corrode the parts? If so, whats a good worldwide brand of SW cannister? (just to boost the filtration a bit) Hey Airangel> The thing is that if I try and retrofit a 55G tank, Ill end up paying a fortune in £'s... lets say £350 for the tank, then I need sump, skimmer, T5 lights, heaters, pumps etc... Is a Red Sea Max not the elite AIO tank there is? that looks to be a pretty solid setup and its got a nice amount of room inside for some beings you can get black silica sand, totally water safe stuff, though I personally prefer the white river sand as it reflects the lights nicely and makes the tank look almost marine / brackish hehe My fire-eel drives through the sand and keeps its all churned up, also the catfish / oscars dig... so that never a problem really... only thing to watch out for is getting it into your filters and pumps... but this can be avoided by having the inlets in the middle water.
  4. Hello Everyone... im new :)

    you info is much appreciated Im from south Africa originally, but have lived in london for the last 5 years. Just out of interest, would it be possible to put a fluval or eheim external cannister filter on a cube? perhaps plumb it into the back... this would add serious waterflow and increase the water capacity and make it a more stable system (well figuratively as far as I at this point assume). Or are those external cannisters FW only as the metal in the motors would rust with the SW?
  5. Hello Everyone... im new :)

    thanks.. I have had loads of different FW setups since I was a kid... and I diddnt have the cash back then to buy proper filtration so used to do loads of WC's nearly daily. Now, older, I overfilter, but the fish couldnt be happier... and it allows me 3 weeks before doing a 40% waterchange which is great! (you should see the foods that I throw in daily!!! oscars eat tonnes!) Could you please explain the issues that I would face with a nano 24g all in one setup? This is exactely why I joined this forum becuase I knew there would be catches in getting a "all in one wonder" hehe. I am looking for a stable system that can survive on its own without having to mod it (lights, filters etc) I dont mind doing a weekly WC... but twice a year I go to south africa for 2 weeks and it must be stable enough to withstand 2 weeks of no waterchanges. I am very good at cleaning and keeping water parameters spot on in FW setups. 24g Nano is £150...Would I be better off paying £600 for the Red Sea Max? and would that be able to fully function without having to mod it and add extra lights / filters etc.?
  6. Hello Everyone... im new :)

    Im using white riversand... its works well as any detritus just rolls off the sirface and the strong output of the filters makes sure it ends up in the filters and dosent just lie around. heres just a few more pics to show that they have "space" for now hehe till the 7ft arrives, and the OTT filtration setup its a bit cloudy as I just changed one of the cannisters and it hadnt settled yet... takes about half an hour after I change it to retain all the contents properly. (some videos of feeding time... I feed twice daily live foods)
  7. Hello Everyone... im new :)

    thanks for all the friendly replies I am a bit overboard on filtration which is why my tank is so clean... oscars have amazing personality which is why i love keeping them... at the moment my "boys" are 9" long... they do grow to around 14" and I will have to upgrade the lot to a 7foot tank in the next couple of months. have been looking at the various options availible and want to go for a 7X3X3 365 gallon so that I can add some serious monsters into the equation for the time being though, my overkeen filtration keeps the water crystal clear for 2-3 weeks before I have to do waterchanges so im very happy with it. Before I had the serious cannister filters I was dfoing a change every 2 days! Im way overstocked, but I have a spread of daytime / nighttime fish so the tank is never looking too full... they very happy, healthy and tame... feeding out of my hand and very friendly. I know I have done a great job on them. Anyways back to Nano Reefs.... I used to do a lot of snorkelling & scuba as a kid/teen... Always wanted a marine tank, but it was very inaccessible and the outlay then was too much. I first saw the Red Sea Max, which looked fabulous, but a bit expensive for a "trial" to see if marine was for me. Then I saw the small JBJ Nano cubes (24g) and they very affordable that I just have to try
  8. Hello Everyone... im new :)

    Hi There, just wanted to introduce myself to the members first before I start racking you brains I have been keeping fresh water / tropical for the last 20 years and have decided to take the plunge into tropical marine after doing a bit of research into Nano cubes. I currently keep a 55 gallon eheim tropical freshwater setup which I thought id post a pic or two of and give you specs as im sure a few of you will appreciate Equipment: Eheim 55Gallon Tank / Stand Fluval FX5 External Cannister filter (Main Mechanical Filter) Tetratec EX1200 External Cannister filter (Packed with bio) 2X Jager 100W Heaters 2X T8 Lights & Ballast (Eheim) Livestock: 2X Oscar Cichlids 2X Keyhole Cichlids 1X Polypterus Delhezi 1X Fire Eel 1X Royal Plecostimus 1X Common Plecostimus 1X Leopard Synodontis 3X Pimelodius Pictus Cats Im looking forward into getting into Nano Reef keeping... and am looking at the Red Sea Max & JBJ Nano cube 24G tanks mainly for getting my feet wet so to speak