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  1. One Gallon All In One Reef

    For size perception purposes
  2. One Gallon All In One Reef

    Just some updated photos of an empty tank. Its been going strong for 8 months now and i plan on stocking it real soon prolly when it cools off more. Kinda glad i didnt stock it during this harsh southern california summer because my temp rose to 86! I have seen alot of other micro-reef tanks and im really impressed with what you guys have done. Coral coming soon....
  3. Ballz' 3 Gallon

    Remember midget-dude the longer you go around thinking "stfu" isnt a personal attack the more your face will be rearranged by people in this world. So go ahead and talk behind a screen for now because sooner or later you will understand what i mean when you show people an attitude like that. Just words of advice you little stinker. Im out of this thread for good and i wont be clicking on it again thats for sure.
  4. Ballz' 3 Gallon

    Ur right Got2envy this place is like a daycare for Mini-dude and his friends. Kids will be kids. Oh and Mini-Dude thanks for the "Powerful" comment
  5. Ballz' 3 Gallon

    Im not "b!tching". Just exposing your contradiction so cool your little man syndrome please because theres children in this thread and you cant be cussing like that.
  6. Ballz' 3 Gallon

    Alright tell that to a random person walking out of your LFS and see if they take it as a personal attack or not.
  7. Ballz' 3 Gallon

    If there are no personal attacks then how are you able to tell people to stfu? Oh wait sorry i didnt know you ride the short bus as it says below your name.
  8. Ballz' 3 Gallon

    I dont know about you guys but i think this kid seems to post just as much pointless stuff as the other children.
  9. My 1/2g Dorm Reef

    Thats an inspiration to the pico reefers! What light are you running on it now?
  10. Micro-Reefs LLC

    Those round edge tanks are the best and nothing looks cleaner. Even the one gallon i got from you has pretty thick glass for its small size. Nice selection Mike!
  11. ~Totalimmortal's 1.5 gallon pico~

    Looks like some nice colors are gonna pop out with those lights.
  12. ~Totalimmortal's 1.5 gallon pico~

    What color light bulbs are those? I was thinking of getting those too because of the good price.
  13. One Gallon All In One Reef

    Thanks Mike. Without your help getting a new one in after ups broke the first one this would have never been possible! Thanks again for the great customer service. The dimensions of this tank are 9 x 5 3/4 x 7 tall. Due to my AIO feature my main display area (where all the rocks and sand are) is about 5x5x7 tall.
  14. One Gallon All In One Reef

    My brother helped me make a design for a wood surround a while back but Im thinking of just using some bamboo shoots to surround the tank instead to give it a tropical look.
  15. One Gallon All In One Reef

    New FTS. Still no coral but 2 hitchiker brown palys or maybe zoas? Got an emerald crab who keeps the entire area clean. Coralline algae is coming in nice and my rocks are looking better every week. Still running on a cfl and no problems yet! Planning on getting some leds soon as i get the chance.