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  1. crash43's 29gal BC...

    I agree whit divecj5, you should only add medicin as a last resort. Increasing the flowrate would be a good start, if you only are running whit a return pump. About 20 times your tank size per hour, as a minimum.
  2. crash43's 29gal BC...

    Nice tank, but you need to get rid of the red slime(looks like cyano) before it kills your tank. Some redslime remover should do the job. Make sure you do a cyano test to confirm it, before you ad the medicin.
  3. Hey, sry but i have to comment your setup, to me it looks more like a freshwater tank than a saltwater! In my opinion you should sell the fish, do alot of saltwater researce, get the appopriate equipment and then start all over again. Like others say, this is heading for a dissaster, why, because i dont think that you can first add some livestock and then later put some lr in, its should be the other way around. If you add lr later, you could have a new cycle on you hand, that would release toxins into the water and kill you livestock. But that is just my opinion, and i only have little experience in this hobby, so please correct me if im wrong. Sry about my english. Mick