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  1. EnjoiFish

    EnjoiFish's 10 Gallon Reef

    Naw, it's true. I've come to accept that fact. But thank you!
  2. EnjoiFish

    EnjoiFish's 10 Gallon Reef

    Thanks! It's all part of my evil master plan.
  3. Or you could break out the turkey baster but you may go crazy in the process of sucking them all out of there.
  4. EnjoiFish

    DCG1286 90G SPS Reef Tank - NEW PICTURES!

    It kind of look likes your fish was doing something obscene and had to be blurred out. That blue tort sure is pretty.
  5. EnjoiFish

    Her Elos Mini with Aquaillumination LED Module

    Lookin good! I love the green slimer.
  6. Are there a lot of them? I had a flatworm out break a few months ago and the problem just kind of took care of itself. But my tank is too small to dose with that stuff and I hate six lines, so I didn't have much choice in the matter. You're probably better off dosing. Good luck with that!
  7. Sweet 'scape, kray! Is that a porcelain crab crab hanging out on your anenome?
  8. EnjoiFish

    Jonny's 47H

    Seriously! How tall is that thing? I have 20g tall collecting dust in storage. It comes up to my waist while it's on the floor...I'd have to buy the world's shortest stand and a step ladder to aquascape the damn thing. How did you do yours? The rock work looks fantastic.
  9. EnjoiFish

    Get a Blenny or Goby?

    Agreed. They have tons of personality and they're so much fun to watch. I'd go with either the bicolor or the watchman.
  10. EnjoiFish

    EnjoiFish's 10 Gallon Reef

    cotton candy peppermint burnt popcorn mixed berry caramel apple
  11. EnjoiFish

    Jenna's 10g w/ built in fuge

    3 rics for the price of one, sweet deal!
  12. EnjoiFish

    EnjoiFish's 10 Gallon Reef

    Pennsylvania. Definitely a long way to ship for just a few frags. How's the selection around your area?
  13. EnjoiFish

    How Often Do You Feed Your Fish?

    1. How often do you feed your fish? Between my boyfriend and I, we end up feeding them almost everyday, sometimes multiple times. Definitely more often than we should. 2. What type of food do you feed? How much? A few formula 1 pellets here and there, We rotate using frozen cubes of mysis, enriched brine, rotifers, and cyclops a few times a month...most of it goes to the corals though. 3. How many fish do you have? What types? 2 fish: one bi-color blenny and one hi-fin goby 4. How large is your tank (in gallons)? 10gs
  14. EnjoiFish

    EnjoiFish's 10 Gallon Reef

    Shipping would definitely be more than what their actually worth! But thank you! I probably won't be fragging anytime soon, but if I do, I'll let you know. Where are you located? Seriously, I know I keep taking the same picture of him over and over again but I can't get over his stupid face.