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  1. The hood has legs and it puts the lights about 4 inches off the surface of the water.If I added a 150 watt I would have to come up with a way to raise the lights about 4-6 more inches.Anyone have any ideas on how to do this?Thanks
  2. I have pc not vho.The 150 and 175watt would make the hood to hot without raising it off the tank.The 70watt would be a good fit Im just not sure it would be powerful enough.
  3. Has anyone done a retrofit on the csl 24" hood?
  4. Its been awile since Ive been to this site.Had to take down my nanos because of a long deployment with the Marine Corps.Im setting up a new nano and I had a few questions?My new tank is a 20gal high.I have a csl 2-65watt pc hood.My question is can I install a 70watt mh in that hood?Would that be enough light?I dont want to get rid of my current lights I just want to modify them.Would a 150watt mh be to hot for that hood?Thanks
  5. What kind of crabs are those?
  6. How much for the livestock?
  7. Sounds good.My e-mail is Freddiejoenunn@yahoo.com
  8. Vanillabox I have a tt150 on my 10gal and 5gal.It's not to big for the 5gal.I'm not sure about a 3.5gal.The filter measurements are 9in long x 7in wide x 91/2in tall.Hope that helps.
  9. My tetratech 150 surges about every 5-10 seconds.Makes mini waves.Pretty cool filter I highly recomend it.
  10. 1)Why do you have a nano reef? (cost, space, challenge, ect.?) >>I had all the equiptment and had never tried saltwater. 2)Is your nano your only tank?What other tanks do you and/or have you had? >>I have a 10gal and a 5gal.I have had many freshwater tanks. 3)What other tanks do you plan on? >>I plan on setting up a 28gal bowfront as soon as I have the money.I'm not really in to big tanks.I'd rather have many small tanks as opposed to one big tank.
  11. I have a 7gal fuge and a 10gal tank.When I first hooked up the fuge I put 2 gallons from my tank in to the fuge and then filled it up the rest of the way with new water.I let it run over night then I hooked evereything up.
  12. Thats a bad a$$ worm.
  13. I use sea chem reef plus,complete and calcium.Also use photoplex.
  14. Sorry about your fish.If it is a mantis I will buy it from you or trade some frags for it.
  15. I will trade frags for a mantis shrimp.