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  1. Napa Earthquake

    it was a bunch of mobile homes. I grew up in napa and still have family and work there, so I'm very familiar with the location. A guy I work with lives at that mobile home park, I'm sure he'll have some stories to tell tomorrow. Doesn't it seem like mobile home parks catch the brunt of most natural disasters.
  2. Napa Earthquake

    My house shook bad. Lots of water sloshed out of the tank but no major damage. The trader joes in napa where my wife works is thrashed. A lot of my friends houses are a total mess but luckily no major structural damage or injuries. The church where my kids go to preschool has major damage, hopefully it's fixable.I've never felt anything like that before, scared the crap outta me!
  3. Nitrite Level

    Just wait. Once your ammonia and nitrites read zero your nitrates will be up. then it's time for a water change and CUC. Don't add anything until your cycle is complete. Dr Tim's might speed things up some but these things still take time. If your at 2 1/2 wks you could have another wk and a half or more to go.
  4. Lighting might be one of you're issues but I wouldn't recommend going from 55 to 100 for 14 hrs. Increasing feeding, turning off you're skimmer, and adding more light is just a recipe for major algae growth. Get the po4 test kit, keep all your levels in check, and time. That will be what helps you fix your problem.
  5. OK, Have it Your Way!

    Man I wish your shop was out here in California! Beautiful selection
  6. New Tank, First Testing

    I would check to make sure that the freshwater kit will work on saltwater, I'm not sure it does. But I could be wrong. Good Luck with your new tank:)
  7. New Tank, First Testing

    For ammonia I've always just used API. Good thing about them is they can usually be found at any petco or similar store.Sometimes the color chart can be deceiving but they work well enough. Once you're done with the cycle you'll rarely if ever need to test it again. so I can't see spending too much on any of the higher end kits from salifert or elos but those are some options as well. For everything else I use the Red Sea kits and have had good success with them.
  8. New Tank, First Testing

    Have you tested ammonia? With nitrates that high so soon into you're cycle the rock you added could've been cured live rock, speeding things up. Here's a chart that'll help. It's reef tank parameters but it gives you some reference
  9. Remember Bio-Pellets?

    I use them. Have for about a year now. I definitely have had good results. Although my tank doesn't look anything like the one in that video.
  10. The problem with this hobby

    12,20,25aio,65,30,40b in the span of about 8yrs with a one yr break. Money spent! Pssh...don't even wanna get into that!
  11. identification needed please.

    Top middle kinda looks like a bleached out mushroom to me.
  12. I had a harlequin shrimp and he devoured them. I mean I had tons of them and he wrangled them up in no time. Problem was after that trying to maintain a steady supply of starfish to feed the shrimp was a tall task.
  13. With gfo can you feed more?

    I'm kinda late to this party here, but why do you have to over feed? I've always target fed everything. That way everyone ends up fat and happy and the excess is cut down to a minimum. The bio pellets and macro I run can easily handle the excess.
  14. How did you guys beat the brown flat worms

    in the past I've had the big brown ones which didn't do anything bad that I could see, they were just really ugly. In plague proportions they can be detrimental. The little ones with the red dot didn't seem to bother too much either. I guess if they die off in mass proportion they can poison your tank but I've never had that happen. There is a variety that eats acropora but they're not brown. http://saltaquarium.about.com/od/aboutcoraldiseases/a/Flatworms-In-Reef-Tanks.htm. Here's some basic info.
  15. How did you guys beat the brown flat worms

    harmless for the most part, unsightly in mass quantities though.