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  1. Awesome, that's the look I was going for!
  2. It's a bubble coral, I'm not good with scientific names, but I think it's in the euphylia family.
  3. It's actually very similar to the picture. Just a little bit lighter purple.
  4. no problem
  5. Im not very good with scientific species ID. The name I ordered it as was a purple sea rod. Check out they have a good selection of photsynthetics. Pricing and shipping is reasonable too
  6. Very nice indeed! Simple yet beautiful.
  7. stardust cosmic grandes
  8. sweet! tangs are awesome I have a bristle tooth tomini tang. He has also quickly become my favorite fish!
  9. yeah!! get em!!
  10. wow! dont remember my cycling of tanks in the past to be that bad!
  11. sweet how'd you get coralline to grow on your stand> JK
  12. ricordeas with yellow leather in background