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  1. k stupid question

    You can but I like to take a bit of water out of the tank and put it in a bucket for the corals to be in while I'm working.
  2. Picture_1053

    Nice color!!!
  3. When to add CUC?

    cuc first then wait till the algea bloom that is coming finished and wait one more week then add fish slowly.
  4. aptasia control

    Use boiling water and a turkey baster. Hit them fellas right in the center and it will kill um dead!!!
  5. Live Rock"

    If you take out that much rock the tank will cycle again. If you really think that the rock must come out, try and get the rock that is left in there up off of the sand some. I used two little rocks on either end for the main rocks to sit on. It maked cool little caves and also increase the ability of the sand bed to filter the tank.
  6. What can I do...!

    Try more frequent water changes and move your flow down a little. Sounds like your not overfeeding so I dont think that is a prob. Your animals won't like the lights off so do that as a last resort. My nano did the same and the water changes helped the most. I went from 20% once a week to 30% every 4 days.
  7. Top right view 5-20-08

  8. My 30L Journal

    Put in in the center. It will be easier to hide using the scape and when coraline grows it will be even better!!
  9. Ready to add my first clownfish

    Ya, I'd wait to add anything but the cuc untill the Algea is gone an paramaters are stable for a couple of weeks.
  10. To Much Live Rock?

    I don't think it is too much but maybe make a couple of caves for the critters somehow. Looks nice.
  11. Power Head Placements

    I really think that the placement of ph is different for every tank. It will all depend on the scape and what animals are in the tank. Sort of a trial and error process. See how the flow works for a couple of days and if you animals seem happy. If you don't seem to have any dead spots leave them alone and if you do move them to cover the spots.
  12. Ready to add my first clownfish

    Be careful. If the cuc died off something is not right. Keep an eye on the levels because you may not have completed the cycle. Alge bloom? Don't add the fish. Wait till the cuc is complete and keeping the tank pretty clean then wait another week. Add the clowns and enjoy!!!
  13. What happen if power goes out ...

    If you experience power outages that often get a small generator. Lots of money will be going into that tank and you don't want to crash it over a couple hundred dollers for a generator. Probably something you should have anyway? lol
  14. How to tell Glass v Arcylic?

    The responce on checking the seems is the best way. Glass has a silicone bead on the seems that is very obvious. Most of the tanks people see have this bead and look "normal". Acrylic doesnt show these seems and looks sort of like one big piece.
  15. Red Sea Max tank update

    Looks like a very nice start you've got going. A couple of open brains would look really cool in the front on the sand. Not trying to push but I really like them. JMO