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  1. Majano Anemone

    yep, gave a rock filled with those to my dad.
  2. Acan thread

    I only have the one, acans are my favorite coral by far.
  3. your whole snake collection? lol, i bred guppies for a while
  4. thats starting to look pretty good.
  5. what kind of rock did you get?
  6. water in tub is exiting!
  7. man thats a nice looking set up... get yo' self rocks!
  8. Blue Ribbon Eel

    good luck!
  9. Would you pay $300 for this system?

    do something with that 55g, they are a dream to work with.
  10. hair worm? it was on the glass, so i took it out with a pipette.
  11. PB's 20L Tank Craptastic.

    Acan growth Neon CandyCane in the morning
  12. PB's 20L Tank Craptastic.

    its been a long time since i did anything on this thread. algae, scum, loss of many corals and my fishie. all my fault. slacked on maintenance and the tank paid the price. If I could rely on the blenny eating only flatworms, there would not have been a problem for a while, but I can't control nature. been helping my dad with his 90 gallon and the hair algae is getting taken care of. nothing new since the acan unfortunately, money is tight and for the moment I'm satisfied with growing what I have out. hmmm, no new photos. guarantee ill have some next post.
  13. Blue Ribbon Eel Project *HE EATS!*

    the best of luck to you. This is the animal in all the hobby that I personally wish we knew more about.
  14. Minis 20L

  15. Dunk's 75g of simplicity

    d ^_^ b