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  1. FS: 9002, frag rack, WP10, AquaJR, JBJ ATO

    I'll throw in a LEDtric full spectrum par38 bulb for free. Note though that I'm not too sure how well the par38 is working. It turns on, but I dont know if the led's have gone beyond its life.
  2. FS: 9002, frag rack, WP10, AquaJR, JBJ ATO

    ACjr and frag rack SOLD
  3. FS: 9002, frag rack, WP10, AquaJR, JBJ ATO

    HA no no, I'm glad you pointed that out. I havent been into the hobby for months now, I did a quick research on the used forums, and saw some people selling it for $50. Let me readjust the price. Thank you Battle!
  4. Location : SoCal, 92626 Items are sold as is Prices are in USD, please add 4% for paypal fee's Black Rock Reef MR3 Dimensions : 6.06"L x 2.60"W x 1.50"H Price $19 Shipped JBJ ATO w/ aqualifter pump, 2 float switches. Price $72 Shipped Tunze 9002 Price $73 Shippped Jebao WP10 Price SOLD Forgot to take a picture of the AquaController JR AquaController JR w/ DC8 Price $100 Shipped Thanks
  5. ~Ricordea Garden~

    Awesome collection of Rics! That Rhodactis is really nice as well.
  6. ~Ricordea Garden~

    Really nice rics! I cant find any nice ones local and I hate paying transit from the online dealers. The extra $40 always kills the deal for me. Where in SoCal are you located? Maybe next time your order we can dutch shipping rates.
  7. ~ Allure ~ What water change?

    Nice SPS! looks like it making a nice come back.
  8. Understandably you want to keep cost down, but I highly suggest replacing the lights as soon as possible. The stock lights are too weak for reef application that a lot of corals wont survive, and the ones that can survive, will not have enough light and turn brown. New lights, depending on which you get, will allow you to keep a whole other range of corals. Their are coral that don't need light, but those are a bit more difficult to keep. The number one investment you should make in your tank, in my opinion and a lot of others, is the lighting. If you still want to keep your stock lights, I suggest these two zoanthids, dragon eyes and eagle eyes. VERY easy to keep. And most mushrooms.
  9. Awesome Ric's! Its been a while since you posted those pictures, did they end up coloring back up?
  10. Geppetto's AIO

    My chamber 1 and 2 sits pretty constant, only my chamber 3 fluctuates. With that being said I picked up a broken 9002 over the weekend. I got it for cheap, so I'll order the pump when I feel the water parameters could benefit from a skimmer. Moreover, I picked up a few frags as well. All mushrooms. I'll try and snap some pictures, no macro lens, so the pictures might not be the best.
  11. Geppetto's AIO

    I had John build it from 3/8". The skimmer chamber that is 4.5" x 5.5" at a depth that is shy of 10". I've heard that the 9002 is pretty sensitive. I'm looking for a skimmer that is relatively quite is why its one of the options. Hows the noise level on the Bubble Magus? Also here is an updated FTS
  12. Geppetto's AIO

    Quality tanks and hes a pretty good guy to work with! Yeah I took off the dome after about 30m of use. I wanted to see how hot it would get as well as the working space to add a fan into the dome. Aesthetically the lamp looks far better with than without. Ive been looking for a Tunze ATO. I dont like the distance between floats, its too far apart, the water level changes too drastically. Since I want to use Kalkwasser in the ATO, I think the Tunze is a better way to go. Also I need some opinions, I want to keep SPS, although water changes suffice I've been looking into skimmers. Tunze 9002 or the Hydor skim nano, anyone have any experiences with either?