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  1. StevieT's Nuvo 16 Experience

    SteveT, Its been a long time! I just got caught up on your tank. How are you?
  2. Undata

  3. Garf?

    I got this at the LFS a few weeks ago. I saw it had neon polyps but its base was pink/brown. It has just started to turn purple over the past week.
  4. garf

    Very Nice
  5. AquaCON Stealing My Images

    Phone Number 954-747-8511 ~ Fax Number 954-374-8563 5401 NW 102nd Bldg 115 Ft Lauderdale, Florida 33351 Warehouse in Sunrise FL I have stumbled accross so many complaints online. They have ripped so many people.
  6. AquaCON Stealing My Images

    Wow....this was an issue years ago as well. I have seen them burn so many people with corals they sell not being what is in the photo. I had a close friend who ordered purple death palys and got just plain brown palys. He tried to say it was a lighting issue, the 150w MH was not enough to turn the palys purple. Um no. I cant believe they are still operating 4 years later. I love the disclaimers on the bottom of the page. "Any typographical errors will not be honored" and " pictures are of specimens that they have had at one time". He made sure you cant copy anytyhing from his page. There used to be a phone number on the page too. I wish there was a mailbox we could flood with nonsense. But he has thought of it all. You need to sign in to contact him. Sorry, Im still very bitter from 4 years ago. BOYCOTT!
  7. My RSM...

    Yeah I have noticed a huge difference. Since angels are costanly pecking at everything it really has an effect on SPS health. Monti caps that I have had for 4+ years have a whole new look with great PE. I will not miss that fish at all. I have friends in the hobby who have no problem with dwarf angels and SPS....Mine was one of the exceptions. Did I mention I got this frag for under 20 bucks? Of course I fix the problem once the expensive montis have been killed. SMH Yup Stevie....I'm back. And I still have one of your first media racks from early 2008. How the heck are you buddy?
  8. My RSM...

    Thanks. The angelfish had been in there since day one. He didnt really eat the montiporas but the pecking he did caused them to get no polyp extension.They eventually would die from this. So once i took some rock out I was able to catch him. Its great to know that I am no longer limited.
  9. My RSM...

    It's been a while. I recently got a new bulb, Ushio 20k and cleaned out my tank. I removed the flame angel who has not allowed me to sucessfully keep any montiporas for 4 years. Now I got stable perameters again and its time to get some montis in there. I got this last week. Seasons Greetings came early.
  10. StevieT's Red Sea Max Experience

    StevieT hows it goes?
  11. Nano Cube 12 Media Basket

    I have a first edition one for RSM...prob one of the first 10 made an its still doing its job. Thanks T
  12. GaRf

    Nice growth pattern. Them some happy polyps. WANT
  13. Best RSM tanks and aquascaping pics

    My RSM at 2.5 years.
  14. My RSM...

    It was taken at an angle with phone cam..Best and newest one in phone..This is for you StevieT!
  15. My RSM...

    Hey StevieT....I will check my phone for one now.