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  1. I got this at the LFS a few weeks ago. I saw it had neon polyps but its base was pink/brown. It has just started to turn purple over the past week.
  2. Very Nice
  3. I have a first edition one for RSM...prob one of the first 10 made an its still doing its job. Thanks T
  4. Nice growth pattern. Them some happy polyps. WANT
  5. StevieT and I go way back. I got on of his first racks he produced. He has helped me trouble shoot many of my problems over the years. Great guy.
  6. That ric rock looks really familiar. Nice setup bro.
  7. I have at least 7 frags of that at my friends house. I can also cut you at most 30 polyps off that mother colony in the pic. I grew those red ones from a 3 polyp frag and sold at least 10 frags of it so far, Fast grower!
  8. Phoenix 14k new bulb made these zoas that were really light blue with gray skirts look much nicer!
  9. Purple Haze?
  10. It does not get more rainbow then this!
  11. Yes, pokerstars can show orange. Typically the growth edge of a rainbow has red/orange polyps that turn green/yellow over time. But I have seen so many variations of both that who knows nowadays????? Nice monti though!
  12. Looks Better! Nice to see it coloring up bro!
  13. I have never seen on that color. Wait until it colors up, Its gonna look insane!