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  1. Keep Yer Mouths Shut!

    this made me throw up a little Tongue Eating Isopods Attack Fish
  2. Nano-Reef.com 10th Birthday Gift Giveaway

    purple up
  3. I'm hoping you guys can help, there is a thread going that needs some serious advice/help from knowledgable people on some new tank setups. If you can help out this is the thread link: http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?...9837&st=700
  4. Live every week like it's SHARK WEEK!

    what a bust, Wednesday night and it was reruns already, they have a whole year to prep, you'd think they could get enough material for 1 week.
  5. video editing software?

    windows movie maker should fill that bill easily and you should already have it unless your on a mac, then I can't help ya.

    uh oh,is there some place I gotta go to turn mine in?
  7. i went to the beach!

    my guess is La Jolla/Laguna, Monterey is a t!t bit nipply this time of year still.
  8. So this guy sets up a pinhole camera in his backyard and forgot about it for 6 months, pretty interesting pic. http://gizmodo.com/5515890/solar-path-reco...over-six-months and here is the link on building one http://www.pinholephotography.org/Solargra...nstructions.htm
  9. Some Advice Needed

    crop, T1i, looks like the 1.8 would be a great starter lens but the 1.4 seems to have a better build and more versatility maybe? if so I think i'd rather pay the higher price for better quality.
  10. Some Advice Needed

    that lens and the 85mm/1.8 seem to be the preferred lenses from the little research I've done, price seems pretty reasonable on them too but I'm thinking the 1.4 could pull double duty for some street shot night shooting too.
  11. Some Advice Needed

    Let's say I was going to a wedding reception or a high school reunion for example, inside a conference room or reception hall which probably will have less than adequate lighting. I don't want to take my whole setup, just 1 lens to snap a few pics, I'm thinking I want something a little faster than the 18-55 Canon kit lens, what would be some of your suggestions?
  12. BBC's Photo Masterclasses

    what do you think of manfrotto tripods?
  13. KR's Random Photographs

    ah ok, gotcha I'm working without a tripod right now so i'm trying to get all artistic in between losing my balance, the wind blowing, earthquakes in mexicali etc. etc., once I decide on a tripod I'm hoping eliminate one of my many issues lol.
  14. KR's Random Photographs

    thanks, i'm finding that to be one of the most challenging parts to learn is what metering to use for what shot.
  15. KR's Random Photographs

    went to Naples in Long Beach and then to Balboa to try and better my meager photog skills, T1i using the 18-55 kit lens and my Sig 150 macro, processed in Lightroom which I'm still learning, constructive crits welcome: