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  1. WTB VorTech MP10

    Why don't you like it?
  2. WTB VorTech MP10

    As said in Title
  3. WTT: LED lights for MP10 pump

    I will post some tomorrow. You can check out my tank thread to see the quality of light, but it doesn't show actual pictures of the fixture.
  4. I have an 8 LED light fixture built by deepdvnarq that I would like to trade for a VorTech MP10 pump. I decided that I didn't want to deal with the extra maintenance of having a pico. This fixture works great and both the blue and the white LEDs can be dimmed seperatly.
  5. Nano-Reef.com 9th Birthday Giveaway

    Happy 9th!!!
  6. Custom Frag Stands!

    Awesome work!!! Just perfect and fast, thank you!
  7. Custom Frag Stands!

  8. deciding if i want a nano

    Those screw in bulbs are not going to be enough light. If you want to go cheap look for used light fixtures or consider a fishneedit t5ho light. They are inexpensive and work well. As far as sand it doesn't need to be live sand, but you do need the appropriate sand. Sand from Home Depot has too many silicates and will give you algae problems. You don't even need sand. YOu can always start your tank bare bottom and add sand later if you decide you want it. Check out Sealifeinc.net for rock. It is very affordable. If you do go dry rock then a few pieces of rubble will be enough to seed it. Good Luck and have fun.
  9. Custom Frag Stands!

    Here is a very rough sketch. Let me know if you don't understand everything. I didn't draw it to scale. I will only need the front and inside piece for each box as they will be placed on either side of the tank. Thanks
  10. Custom Frag Stands!

    Could you make overflows to turn a 20 long into an aio tank? I tried making myself one with a dremel and it isn't pretty. I would be looking for two corner overflows, each with teeth on the top and a hole somewhere in the middle for a pump head to stick out of. One side would be for chemical filtration while the other side would be for growing chaeto.
  11. I want the minijet shipped to 33020 thanks
  12. rocky shore biotope

    sweet tank!
  13. 12 gallon eclipse aio questions

    If you were to transport the rock fully immersed in water and if the rock is indeed cured then you would experience little to no cycle. However, when the lfs usually bags up the rock they simply place it in wet newspaper. To be safe I would wait at least a week if you wet transport the rock.
  14. I don't understand plumbing

    Thanks Bitts That explanation gives me a much clearer understanding. Provided that I follow your spacing are you saying that one inch will be fine? If the bulkhead is one inch how large should the drilled hole be?
  15. I don't understand plumbing

    ok off to check your thread now! Thanks! I am sure I will have lots of questions.