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  1. 10 G Nano New kid on the block

    The pumps I use in my sump are rather stonr for a 10 G is that good or bad? My main pums 652 G per Hour and my skimmer pumps 350 per hour. I'm cycling my tank about 60 times an hour is that to much?
  2. 10 G Nano New kid on the block

    This is for supernip, 55G spec's wet dry sump 4 watts to the gallon about 70 pounds of live rock 50 pounds of fine crushed coral curlerpa 100 turbo snail's about 150 assorted hermit crabs protein skimmer. Its still up and running but I havent been taking care of it like I should I'm getting ready to sell it. I feed the anemones a pice of bait shrimp 1 time a week I buy the bait shrimp because there a lot cheaper I get 100 for about 2 bucks.
  3. 10 G Nano New kid on the block

    I have another question, 1 of my clowns took to my gorgonian and bothers it alot the thing swells up like a ballon but I rarely see the flowers anymore any suggestions?
  4. 10 G Nano New kid on the block

    Sump for a ten gallon tank it's already running what are your thoughts? Can you give me a site were I can purchase some good macro algea? And what algea do you recomended? Tanks, Joe Matrix
  5. 10 G Nano New kid on the block

    Hey whats up I did so modifications to my tank. I got rid of the eclipse hood built conopy which now hold 3x32w PC's. Hooked up my wet dry and set up a fuge in my wet dry it looks pretty cool I hope it will work better. I have a protein skimmer in the wet dry, I have it running. I was wondering is that a good or bad thing? advice would be nice. Thank, Joe Matrix
  6. 10 G Nano New kid on the block

    Wetworks can you give me spec's on setting up a fuge?
  7. 10 G Nano New kid on the block

    Thanks Tow-UP & wetworks101 Finaly some positive info thats all I ask for. I checked the mandarin It does have a very long dorsal fin he's pretty big in size. I've had the sebae for about 8 months and its doing very good even after I placed it in my nano. I changed my rock formation around and took out the anemones. I checked the water quality nitrites are down to 0 so I did'nt bother checking the nitrate, the PH is @ 8.0, from what I hear is good. I'm going to go ahead and take out the bio wheel, until I purchase a hood so I could put some more light whats enough light from what I read 5 watts per gallon is fairly good but I see some of you have anywhere from 10-20 watts. What do you guys think? Oh and Tow-up I can sell you French angels for about 10 to 15 dollars a pice thats lower than wholesale. By the way Acustic I'm licensed to collect and sell saltwater fish and goods, But if it makes you feel any better I dont rape the reef I'm eco consious.
  8. 10 G Nano New kid on the block

    To make people happy I just took out the anemones but left the sebae for the clown fish. I'm gonna head down to the pet store tommorow and get a tank for the mandarin. Are you guys happy now! I have 1 question dont the bio balls in the wet dry act like the bio wheel? Should I take them out? A little help would be nice. Should I leave the Cerlurpa? Help please..... Thats what I joined the site for. Thanks, Joe Matrix
  9. 10 G Nano New kid on the block

    Yeah dude I get live rock from the ocean sometimes but what ever live rock I buy its been cured for a long time you got to remember this is florida theres a marine fish store on almost every corner so its not hard to get advice or quality coral and live rock. Its seems like all I have been getting is negative feed back but I cant understand why, my tank is doing good I do a 10 to 15% water change every week I live a couple of blocks from the beach so I get ocean water not that salt mix I guess thats why the coral does good because the water has natural suppliments in it not to forget food and such, but if your tank water quality is very good doesnt that mean its cycled I would love to get advice with out the sarcasium.
  10. 10 G Nano New kid on the block

    What ever you you say buddy my tank is doing ok and do test every week before I do a water change and the other clowns died from ick in my big tank but were the only ones that have died and I do feed my other fish brine shrimp and flake food and as far as slaping me around i'll give you my address and I would like to see you try your ####ed because you have spent so much money on your tank and it is probably as good as mine quality wise this is for(absolutc). but I do collect live rock from the ocean sometimes whats so wrong about a bio wheel from what I have read its supposed to be good. How long does it take to know if your tank is ok? What should I set up a tank and leave it empty for a year before putting anything in it? Sometime I think you guys take this hobby a little bit to serious if it set up and nothing is dieing but on the contrary growing isnt that a good thing my xenias are spreading all over the place my button polyps are multipling the water quality is awsome whats the problem? Instead of giving me negative input I would like some positive input for a change. And my perculas died of ick while I was up north because my heater was busted and the water tempeture was changing rapidly but my wife didnt know what to do eccept feed the fish.
  11. 10 G Nano New kid on the block

    Yeah the open brain started receding when the anemones started touching it by the time I realized it was to late I tried to put it in my 55 G to see if I could revive it but my star fish ate it hey S**T happens but the mandarin I was thinking about geting it out and start another Ten G with just live rock for it I live in south florida 5 minute drive from the reef so finding food for the mandarin is quite easy I need to read up on the fish and find out what it likes to eat. As far as the maroon coral goes I bought the coral like thatthe front hits the glas when it fully extends so it stays closed in that section but those anemones i've had them for about 8 to 9 months now there all doing good I bought them for a pair of perc's I had that died from ick but the tank has been running strong for 2 months on just the eclipes hood bio wheel but I'm not realy stressing the water quality because nitrites are at 0 ammonia 0 and nitrate is very faint I cycle my tanks in 3 days using acquamarine nitrite eliminator that stuff is awsome. As far as it goes with suppliments I use kent micro-vert, coral accel, Phytoplex, strontium & molybdenum, Iodine,and calcium as dirrected. If the pump ever fails me I'm not worried I have a sealife 10-50 G wet-dry with a built in protein skimmer in my closet I'm just lazy to get it out and build a hood. As far as that goes maybe I'll take out the mandarin and put it in my big tank that tank has an endless food supply for it I havent feed my neon gobies or my Midas blennies ever and they have been alive for months its because of the florida live rock in the tank I guess and all the parasites in ther I rarely buy fish I just collect them my self(diver) I could give good prices on French angels and Queen angels if anybodies interested. But thats off the subject since you guys are all "experts" give me some Ideas on equipment to start off with and corals to start with. "Damn does my tank realy look that bad?"
  12. 10 G Nano New kid on the block

    It feeds on the parasites that live in the live rock. Thats all I see it eat. Do you know alot about the species? I want to know how to determin there gender? I've read that they have sucsessfuly breed mandarin fish. If you know anything please post.
  13. 10 G Nano New kid on the block

    I have 2 Percula Clowns 1 Mandarin fish 1 open brain coral a chilly coral 3 anemones 1 leather I just put in need pics of 3 diferent Gorgonian colonies colt coral 1 mushroom lots of octo coral kerlurpa pulsing xenia 2 colonies of button polyps 1 moreal coral but I think thats not the proper name for it the coral the percula is hovering over in the second pic that looks like its receding cup coral lots of feather dusters about 15 turbo snails 20 assorted hermits 12 pound of live rock some florida some tonga branch 15 pounds of crushed coral sand 32 watt smart lamp retro 10,000k and 50/50 acentic thats all I can think of off the top.
  14. 10 G Nano New kid on the block

    more pics
  15. 10 G Nano New kid on the block

    More pics