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  1. Took me 15 min. to find that pic in my library. Only for you.
  2. Here ya go Lani:
  3. Maybe I was going for the trippy purple look. ever think of that? didja? huh? but yeah, i took this pic like 3 years ago before i had figured out how to shoot LEDs, lol.
  4. lol, this pic is awful.
  5. luv u guis
  6. I heard some woman call another woman that on the subway yesterday. WHERE'S YOUR ARGUMENT NOW?! - Edit: ftr, I think it's a disgusting thing to say. Shame on you RTG. SHAME!
  7. Of course you do.
  8. lol
  9. Mine are all that red striped color. There was a baby one that was white, but it didn't make it.
  10. I'm not exactly sure on a scientific name. John Maloney at reefcleaners sent them to me. He finds them in batches of dwarf ceriths that he collects off the coast of Florida. They get no bigger than about 1/2".
  11. More in my tank thread:
  12. More in my tank thread:
  13. and in the end, his place will be 6 feet under, like everyone else.
  14. Very nice shaping. One of the best I've seen.