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  1. Thought this was an interesting read. From what the translated versions says this person has measured the % of light reflected and absorbed at specific wave lengths for specific coral, softies, LPS SPS etc.. pretty good resource for those using those LED chips with individually controlled channels I think. http://www.salzwasserwelten.de/category/korallenspektren/ As it's been mentioned many times before, bluer light seems to be more redily absorbed by LPS because of the deeper water. Interestingly though it shows acropora also seem to use the green/ yellow spectrum the same as they do with the blue spectrum in some of the tests, which would make sense as they are shallow water species. With the heavy emphasis on blue these days are we not giving our SPS what they need to grow and be healthy? Is this why Metal halides are still great for growth over LEDs? Thoughts?
  2. Hello, Do you think the aquablue coral lamps will be goo as a stand alone bulb in a four bulb fixture? I don't like the very blue look and like the 14K look more. I have tried coral pluse but it was too pink.purple for my tastes. Or how a bout a combo of 2 aquablue coral and 2 coral plus in a 4 bulb fixture. ( Don't really want dawn dusk effect)
  3. APEX Alk monitor - coming soon-ish?

    That looks like a science experiment. From the pictures it looks like it's basically an automated hanna instrument alk tester that adds the reagents and tank water automatically when you press a button.
  4. Great looking tank. question.. how did you get the sand to slope from back to front without it becoming level and flat?? Is that the work of the mangrove? It looks awesome adds a whole new dimension to the tank with the multi level sand look. I browsed through your thread but couldn't find a description of it.
  5. Mikeymikemike's Reef Iwagumi week 7

    Very nice scape and colurs!
  6. RMS mounts used for other LED fixtures

    yeah I decided to just go with a dual monitor mount and mount the mitras to that instead. More flexibility and three times less the price.
  7. Hi, I have an extra reefkeeper lite . Wondering if I could set it up a a low and high float switch for a reverse osmosis container. The tunze 8555 is over my price range. Thank you
  8. RMS mounts used for other LED fixtures

    Awesome! thanks for the replies!
  9. Hello, I have never seen an RMS mount up close and in person but I really like the look of them. Can they be adapted for other fixtures like say the mitras or the reef breeder units? Or can the fixtures be adapted to fit the RMS mounts? Has anyone given this a try? I would like o know for both the single RMS and the multi RMS mounts. Thanks
  10. Thanks for the reply Evil. My main reason for going with the generic brand LEDs is $. The prices I've quoted are in Canadian dollars. so that $1200 will actually be $780US . The exchange rate is horrible for us north of the border and it's only getting worst. And affordability for equipment for the hobby is stretching the budget. A few months ago when the Cad$ was on Par with the states this would have been an easy decision for me and would've picked the brand name fixtures. I actually looked on one of our Canadian retailers and the AI 52 HD pre-order was on there for $799 CAD. In terms of coverage I would assume I would need at least 2 of these for my tank dimensions correct? 48*18*18. Which would come out to $1600+5% tax which would bring the total to almost $1700 ** yikes!** This is one of the reasons why I am thinking of going with the Chinese brand lights, for the coverage and controllability., for less $. If you had to pick the lesser "evils" of the two, so to speak, which one would you suggest? Thanks
  11. Hello, These lights are pretty new on the scene so this will probably be a long shot for an answer when I ask this question. I am in the process of upgrading to a 70 gallon 48” reef tank and I am looking for a new set of lights. Over my current shallow 2ft cube I have a mitras 6200 and I absolutely love this light. However now that I am doubling the length of my tank I will need a second mitras 6200 and these are VERY hard to come by in Canada. I have been looking at the two Sanrise 90cm fixture as a suitable light for my tank. I am trying to decide between: the Aqua pro (similar to reefbreeder fixtures but with Wifi control) for $600CAD http://www.aquasanrise.com/List.asp?L-0065450694.html or the: Aqua sanrise for $1200 CAD http://www.aquasanrise.com/List.asp?L-8290539990.html My main question is: What sort of a visual difference will there there between the layouts of the multiple 3 led clusters, vs the equally spaced LEDs? ( in terms of discoball effect , spotlighting and colour blending) The videos on youtube makes my concerns look like a non-issue. But just wanted to ask if any one had personal experience with this light I am trying to find a good reason for spending an extra $600 for the Aqua pro vs the Aqua sanrise ( Aquasanrise being the more expensive). If it helps my tank dimensions are 48”x18”x18”, and I will primarily be keeping LPS and with some SPS
  12. Anyone done a battery back up for maxspect gyre?

    Are you working on something? lol
  13. Gyre XF130 in a 12" cube?

    Here's what I think you could do if you already have the gyre. Run it in reverse with the paddle set it came with to push water forward. Or ...use the reverse paddles and run it itn the forward direction. ( the gyre comes with 2 sets of paddles. It will significantly reduce the flow and will be perfect for your 12" cube if you don't mind how big it will look in the tank.
  14. Kessil AP700 - Release date & Price

    I was just wondering what the difference was between getting 2 a360s and getting this. Now I know. I'm disappointed actually, nothing truly "groundbreaking" imo except the aesthetics of the packaging of the Kessil diodes.