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  1. Bulk Reef Supply RO/DI unit

    price drop
  2. Getting out of reef keeping for a little bit so I have a bulk reef supply 75 gpd ro/di plus unit for sale. Inline TDS meter, pressure gauge, faucet attachment, one 1 micron replacement filter and all the stuff that came with this unit will go with. This unit is used but has not been used much. 0 TDS into and out of the DI. http://www.bulkreefsupply.com/store/75-gpd...lus-system.html I'm located in Minneapolis MN and I am not shipping it. If the filters/ membrane dry out they are junk so I'm not even going to entertain the idea so please dont ask. $130 if you pick up, $145 if you want me to meet you some where. I also have a float valve for... $5? if the buyer is interested. Thanks
  3. You might be able to buff it out with a dremel and some buffing compound but I've never tried. I always pull my reflectors once a month and clean them when I'm cleaning the fans.
  4. Pls help the Damsel chose a dremel

    You guys should chill the #### out. This is nano-reef and the higher powers seem to be pretty open to letting things be interesting which is why I actually like it here. With that said, lets be respectful and helpful. I honestly thought the post was fun and kinda cute, if its a old fat guy then what ever, its the internet, wouldn't be the first time I was fooled... PinkDamsel, in my honest opinion I would not buy any tools from sears if they do not have a lifetime guarantee. It took me about a thousand dollars worth of (hobby) tools to figure that out. I looked at your link and didn't see anything about guarantees or warranties but I've had a few beers and its been a really long couple days so I may have missed something. With the Dremel you would be surprised how often you can put it to use. Very handy little tool, I was skeptical at first but happy I bought mine. I'm now in my mid 20s and like the old timers I've taken to buying my tools only once.
  5. Nano-Reef.com 10th Birthday Gift Giveaway

    Couple months back I went and looked at my first couple posts, good for a laugh. At that time I didn't know anyone that had a nano reef, thought they were rather rare and I was special for having one. I also didn't know that the site had over 35,000 members
  6. Is this Bryopsis? Help!

    Please answer my questions.
  7. Is this Bryopsis? Help!

    So you've had this algae for a month and you know its not a problem? Have you done any research on bryopsis? Not to come off as a dick but you may not be the best person to be giving advise on this topic. To NUWildcat928, it really looks like bryopsis to me. I worry for your tank because though sparse, it is spread out. This algae is really good at taking over. It needs very little nutrients to not only survive but to thrive. This algae came in as a few sprigs on a frag and have now taken over my tank. I'm not kidding about this. Due to injury I was not able to do anything at the time but I'm probably going to just do a acid bath on my rock and put all rock into QT till for the Tech M treatment. Kent Tech M is the tried and true method but some have seen great results with BRS (bulk reef supply) magnesium as well. I hate to say it but because your tank is so new you might be better off just nuking your rock and starting over. Best of luck to you.
  8. Fellow reefer dies leaving behind his family

    I didnt notice that it was locked and there are some missing posts. I deleted my post in order to let a dead thread stay dead. So uh, sucks that dude died.
  9. Need help boiling live rock Update!

    I cant and doubt any of us can say whats going to happen with any certainty. I know doing a acid bath the first time is a little unsettling but its really easy, safe and gives great results. If I remember and have them I can post some pics of rock I have done tomorrow.
  10. Just dropping by real fast to share my experience. A few times mine had that same flap you're talkign about. Not sure if you have been able to look inside there but mine had what appeared to be eggs inside and it would stir them with its claw. I never researched what was going on so for all I know it was a marble collection.
  11. Need help boiling live rock Update!

    I just do a acid bath with dirty rock. 10 parts tap water, 1 part muratic acid, soak for 10 min or until it stops bubbling/ foaming, rinse it off really good with tap water, soak over night in bleach water, rinse again, let it dry completely, enjoy nice clean rock. Wear gloves when doing the acid bath and add the acid to the rock and water not the other way around. If you leave the rock in the acid too long it will melt your rock away.
  12. McGuff's Pics

    Very cool man. Please post more pics. I was in Cambodia a couple years ago and really miss it. Did you get to check out any of the small villages or ruins farther out? We traveled the country side by horse cart for about a week, really amazing to see.
  13. So... I've been gone for about 4 months

    Glad to hear you are getting back at it. I'm a cyclist too but my love is off road riding. Late September of '09 I cut over 50% of my achilles tendon, was on crutches with no weight what so ever to be placed on it for 3+ months. No water changes and minimal top off during that time. During physical rehab last march I lost power at my house for 6 days with the tank temp at 58 degrees for most of that time. I had a major algae out break as well as losing all SPS, LPS and most of my softies. Only a few of my high end zoas pulled through. What I'm getting at is please post some pics to motivate me to get my tank back to its pretty place.
  14. Anyone ever been raided ?

    That was Minnesota. We've talked about all this many times before. http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/2009210/posts