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  1. Great Place!
  2. Lotsa bubble wrap to play with?
  3. Well, it's only been two years since my last post so here is a pic of our family tank.
  4. Swweeeeeettt!
  5. My Picotope Thread see the pill box on the March 15 post (I am refering to the orangeish-brown plastic bottles)
  6. Nice tank, love the rockwork - I have a pico and took a pillbox (like from pharmacy), cut teeth into it, removed the lower section of the backfilter intake and floated the pillbox under the remainder of the intake (it will float on it's own) to skim - works great
  7. I'm getting ready to go after a pygmy angel - the scape looks good!
  8. I convinced my wife to take the kids to Disney so I could visit Wolrd Wide Corals (lol). Diseny was fun too, but much more expensive. Next year I am going to propose 4 days at WWC and 3 hours with Mickey (think it will work?)!
  9. Courtesy of WorldWideCorals
  10. That was 30 years ago - hah!
  11. Hey! I used to make Plano Tackle Boxes! I worked there during the summers during college!
  12. We ended up painting a Sherwin Williams color called Palm Leaf and trimmed out in Extra White. Need new furniture now, then I get my tank and I'll post the new pic of the place :-)
  13. SWEET!
  14. Thanks for the compliment on the setup, it's 13 month's old now. I didn't go HQI, don't want to add a chiller. The T-5 is great, had a piece of hydnophora dying over the last 4 months and within on day, the remaining two polyps have extension, never saw the polyp extension under my PC's.
  15. I hope not!