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  1. What will eat this algae?

    If it's red, a tang. I lost my Yellow Tang and red brush-like algae started to take over my tank. Later that year I bought a Scopas Tang, stuff was gone in a couple of weeks.
  2. inTank, Literally

    Great Place!
  3. Look it Look it... can you guess what i got today :D

    Lotsa bubble wrap to play with?
  4. 38 Gallons of Family Reef

    It's a Yellow Scroll Coral - I actually convinced my LFS to crack me off a small frag from a very large one they had in their main display - very nice of them.
  5. 38 Gallons of Family Reef

    I have some montipora capricornus, my very first purchase for a nanocube 5 years ago from the LFS, it's sitting against the glass. The montipora digitata to the right of the subcurrent, I got from World Wide Corals on a Disney trip (hah). Oh yes, I also have some superman, purple haze, and sunset encrusting montipora all from WWC too (and my kids thought I was taking them to Orlando for Disney World - HAH!)
  6. 38 Gallons of Family Reef

    Well, it's only been two years since my last post so here is a pic of our family tank.
  7. 38 Gallons of Family Reef

    Well, it's only been two years since my last post, I lurk a bit but get busy. So here is a pic of my tank, well established but unfortunately with scratches - I don't know how the Tanks of the Month stay so crisp! I've gone through flat worms and dinos and algae blooms, all of which this website has been a wonderful resource to help me resolve problems. But I think I have a beautiful setup as do my friends. There are 40 some odd pieces of coral, 3 fish (Yellow Tang, Flame Angel, Neon Dottyback), and various crawling critters. So here are a few pics of some of my corals and the full shot, hope you like it!
  8. WTB Macro

    Hey, you know what's funny is that shortly after I renovated my tank not only did the neomorsis pop up, but so did some calupera looking thing (kind looks like christmas cactus). Anyway, I see you PM'd me and I don't know alot about shipping or where ot get the stuff to ship. But I may have a better offer, I am planning on taking the family to the Great Wolf Lodge in April................ you know the rest, PM again.
  9. Sponge or What

    Bump..... Has anyone successfully gotten rid of this stuff and any ideas why it would have proliderated from one to hundreds after boiling rock? Thanks Again
  10. Sponge or What

    Thanks, I just googled and read a bunch of threads on reef2reef, they don't have much luck either. I'm wondering if algaefix (saw in one of the threads) would work.
  11. Sponge or What

    Thank you, I just googled your suggestion and it sure is, now how do I get rid of it. There used to be just one in the tank, I boiled my rock and wholly crap they came back in hoards!
  12. Sponge or What

    Last year I had a nice tank and somewhere it crashed. Prior to the crash I had this long thin white sponge thingy (see the first picture center). Anyway I ignored my tank for a while and it got to the point where I needed to boil rock and basically start over. The new rearrangement looks good, I like the new rock formation, the corals that survived the crash are doing well and all of a sudden I have hundreds of that long white sponge thingy (see second picture, ignore the crab he is begging for food - hah). What is this crap and how do I get rid of it before it takes over the tank. Remember, I boiled my rocks (except for the few with encrusted SPS) and this stuff is growing over everything. Thanks, Symbiotic
  13. Will Flatworm Exit Harm a Sea Hare?

    Thanks for the post, If I ever see them again I'll try one of those wrasses. Are the reef safe?
  14. Will Flatworm Exit Harm a Sea Hare?

    In the event anyone is interested or for later reference for those with a similar question, the Sea Hare lived. The Tang did not, I lost 6 of 36 corals and 6 bleached. Those that died or bleached were of the SPS variety. What I did not do was attempt to siphon out the buggers before use of the Flatworm Exit. I had done this twice in past on two other tanks with no losses, I guess I had a few (like way to many) more flatworms in this tank.
  15. I Hate Giant Amphipods

    Did they work at the Chum Bucket?