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  1. 5-2-08_new_rock_1_

    oops i ment THAN up the back
  2. 5-2-08_new_rock_1_

    It Has about 50 lbs of live rock. Most of it is what they call nano rock. Mine is more stacked toward the front that up the back
  3. Tang in 55?

    removed by moderator
  4. Chuck's Red Sea Max -- Harrisburg PA

    nope made my own. I had trouble getting the flow through it correct but I think I have got it figured out now. It is the same setup as Steve T's.
  5. 5-2-08_new_rock_1_

    ok I added the 4lbs rock at the top of the pic since the last pic. I want you opinion . Does the top rock look like a bad tooth like it is or is it ok
  6. Chuck's Red Sea Max -- Harrisburg PA

    Ok lol. I work nights so 7am is 7pm to me. About your tank. I guess I got lucky. I put the live rock in and a week later I had that nappy brown hair algie on all my rock so I got 20 herms a pep shrimp and a fake clown on the same day and no mo algie since. I change the skimmer and put the media basket in and the only prob I got is the micro bubbles and the algie on my glass. Oh yea and if you get info on the fuge thang let me know cuz I wanna try that also. I be thte cheto would get rid of the stuf floating in my tank
  7. Chuck's Red Sea Max -- Harrisburg PA

    Yea I know. Sorry been drinking this am so a bit slowww. I am trying to catch up.
  8. Chuck's Red Sea Max -- Harrisburg PA

    Ok do I have to read the whole thread to catch up or can you give me the short version
  9. xenia question

    Well that is what I was told anyway. If you find different let me know. lol
  10. xenia question

    I am not sure if all of em pulse but mine is in HIGH flow and they have always pulsed. I have heard if the ph drops in the tank holding them they stop pulsing and do not pulse again
  11. New tank questions

    I started my tank with LR from a lfs that had been in their tanks for about 6 months and twenty lbs of live sand(new). My tank was up and ready in about a week. I am not saying that yours will be but if you put in well established live rock there should be no prob with your new tank. Oh yea I used tap water for the first fill.
  12. xenia question

    Thanks aquascapeer08. I want to keep a single pulsing xenia on a lone rock surrounded by sand ( so it cant spread) to keep an easy check on ph. A friend told me if it ever stops pulsing there is a prob with ph in the tank. But I dont want the three huge stalks I got in hmy tank right now.
  13. xenia question

    If I cut a frag off my xenia how long can I expecte for it to regrow to be a medium size coral.
  14. Gorilla Glue

    Thanks Mr.Fosi. I have always loved your avatar. That shirt is just too funny.