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  1. That one really caught my eye for the price and the AIO goodness. I will dig into it more but think that's the ticket right there--along with a UPS to keep things going if a power outage hits since it's such a small system.
  2. I was mulling over more of a pico I guess--like 10 gallons tops? I know they do require more work and can be volatile. I've been forgetting the nomenclature there--25 gallons is something I'll consider but it's pushing the size envelope I'll check out your options for sure though and see--as larger tanks are more stable. My father and his wood floors makes it harder for me to push anything with a sump really. I guess maybe something with a false wall is best in my case. I'll definitely look into it though--as maybe he'll budge in time.
  3. I think I kept a reef tank for about 7 years back in Oregon and Hawai'i. Then life came, i got busy and out it went. I don't like bigger tanks, ghetto DIY is ghetto and the selection of coral in Hawai'i was very bland. I've been in Texas a few months and NEED a hobby. I've kept 1 gallon pico tanks using natural sunlight and inter-tidal critters and bigger 50 gallon setups with some really basic SPS. I've been out of the game two years and want to get back into it cheaper than not. I live in Northern Austin now and not Hawai'i--so I'm going to need to mix my own saltwater and buy my animals. What are the generic smaller nano setups now a days? Is it basically the same stuff from a few years back with better LED lighting? (I've done the whole Cree routine, but I'm guessing there's cheap fixtures now and want to keep it simple.) Any recommendations if I'm going for a budget build, am experienced, want low maintenance, and like a clean look? Finally I probably know the answer--but if I get LR from a LFS and get it quickly into a new tank won't cycling be maybe 4-6 weeks tops until i can add some softies? Thanks for the info! Josh
  4. Sorry there is too much hype, great coral though.
  5. Woaznozpurplehornetcrazynessbuthornetcrazynessiscrazynessnstufflikethatyeahornetcrazynessallrighthi5
  6. Macro
  7. It's a Zebra Blenny. I think there are different morphs.
  8. Rendered with Blender, used 300K of static particles for the tree and hat. Everything was made by myself... Don't aks me why I spent time on this.
  9. Haha! Pretty good.
  10. That's what my puffer does
  11. Thanks I'll get a pic of the "trio". The puffer,blenny and the damsel And yes they peacefully coexist. The damsel will get the size of a medium sized tang,obviously he will be released before that happens.
  12. Caught him staying still for once He was .3 inches long when I caught him now after 7 months he is way bigger. If he is bugged by the puffer, he deals out harmless "Blenny Bites" The puffer,is scared of him possibly because I caught him young,and he was smaller than the blenny for some time.
  13. Haha. Looks just like mine
  14. I found one of those, thought it was bad to have and let it go.