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  1. jm82792

    Old Reefer Getting Back Into It

    That one really caught my eye for the price and the AIO goodness. I will dig into it more but think that's the ticket right there--along with a UPS to keep things going if a power outage hits since it's such a small system.
  2. jm82792

    Old Reefer Getting Back Into It

    I was mulling over more of a pico I guess--like 10 gallons tops? I know they do require more work and can be volatile. I've been forgetting the nomenclature there--25 gallons is something I'll consider but it's pushing the size envelope I'll check out your options for sure though and see--as larger tanks are more stable. My father and his wood floors makes it harder for me to push anything with a sump really. I guess maybe something with a false wall is best in my case. I'll definitely look into it though--as maybe he'll budge in time.
  3. I think I kept a reef tank for about 7 years back in Oregon and Hawai'i. Then life came, i got busy and out it went. I don't like bigger tanks, ghetto DIY is ghetto and the selection of coral in Hawai'i was very bland. I've been in Texas a few months and NEED a hobby. I've kept 1 gallon pico tanks using natural sunlight and inter-tidal critters and bigger 50 gallon setups with some really basic SPS. I've been out of the game two years and want to get back into it cheaper than not. I live in Northern Austin now and not Hawai'i--so I'm going to need to mix my own saltwater and buy my animals. What are the generic smaller nano setups now a days? Is it basically the same stuff from a few years back with better LED lighting? (I've done the whole Cree routine, but I'm guessing there's cheap fixtures now and want to keep it simple.) Any recommendations if I'm going for a budget build, am experienced, want low maintenance, and like a clean look? Finally I probably know the answer--but if I get LR from a LFS and get it quickly into a new tank won't cycling be maybe 4-6 weeks tops until i can add some softies? Thanks for the info! Josh
  4. jm82792

    Reefing in Austin Texas

    The killer is the house here has to sell but I'm hoping it'll happen so. Hawai'i isn't what most thing, and I'm to the end of my rope. So hopefully I'll end up there this year, and not early next year. To get my mind off of being here I've been looking at all the equipment and etc so I can get a nicer setup there when I finally get there
  5. jm82792

    Reefing in Austin Texas

    I have kept a reef tank since I was 15 and now I'm almost 23. I've done gallon sized jars with snails, a small blenny, and hermits. I've maintained tanks in a hospital, and a little bit of everything but always a little half arsed if you will. I shut down my 40 gallon soft tank almost a year ago since I became sick of the laws here, was burnt out, and my setup was half baked (DIY LED light and etc) but it did work. Now I have the interest again since this year I should be near Austin and have like a grand I can probably spend. I'm assuming there are decent LFS there, that Free Shipping is really free shipping, and finally in the past two years of not posting here the technology for everything has grown some? I don't even have a clue for a build. Rimless. Less than 40 gallons. Vortech for wave maker? Sump? LED pendant higher above the tank? Softies and LPS? I think I'll be a kid in a candy store here. I just want to here what's out there so I can look forward to it Also, I have unlimited access to premium dead and dry LR (legal in the right amounts and etc), and sand. I'm guessing I should scour for the best stuff I can, and then ship it with me to save some $$?
  6. jm82792

    $150 Budget

    You need flow, light, and stable temperature. You need salt, a test kit, and something to measure salinity. It can all be cheap, but you will make mistakes, and need a few hundred to make it work. There are cheap GU10's with screw in bases that grow corals. $20 for the 4X of them included cheap fixtures(but that's from china). Then for flow a simple powerhead or koralia nano.. You get what I mean
  7. I really like the size of the tank! Moving was easy sinve I had everything feet apart. I just had to heat up the 25 gallons of NSW since it was cold at Laupahoehoe point and it's set. Now to find a bigger heater and order the koralias. TrollDoll what I've had before is all 0's and my Zoas would melt and my palys woudl grow. I see palys grow next to SPS, usually more on the shore though. From waht I've heard they can grow in clean water, Zoas supposedly melt...
  8. My tank is a mess right now since it's being moved I found a black birttle star during the move, and it's 4 inches across. Should I keep it or will it eat my fish? I'll keep it sequestered somewhere until I get a reply..
  9. I have RO DI I'll use then For the Koralia could I just go with the one that does 1050 GPH and the nano, or should I go with the two that give 550 GPH?
  10. Water changes have been hit or miss for a long time. My parameters are good (then again less light might change that), but I know things are probably lacking. 15% a month isn't a enough, I think :/ I'm close to a place I can get water, I'll get there more often, and go from there. For temperature I've left it alone, and the temps do fluctuate. Although things seem to do well. But if you go to the shorline, and go tidepooling (The thing I have not done much of in years.) you won't find anything unless it always gets some flow, or the tide if very low. Thus that example alone should tell me that stability wins. I have some Ic2 temp sensors, some relays, and so forth. Might as well get a uber basic temp controller together since I've had bad experinces with heaters getting stuck. That's a simple enough setup I can't screw it up. I've used the Eshopps HOB skimmers on larger systems for a hospital (cyano cesspoll from hell), and I was impressed. Although I've owned one skimmer for almost 5 years so what do I know Anyways I've sanded with 600 grit, primed, and painted the black metal sand from deathco. Next I'm going to put silicone into all the joints because I can, since it's steel, not aluminum. Then to order a few things, an evolution or two (must buy two and fight the jewish in me), and maybe something to remove the algae instead of the magfloat my siblings always mess with. Only if amazon would ship pails of salt, that would be sweet, as all they have here is junk I won't use. That reminds me of my refractrometer, I should calibrate it against some NSW.... Thanks for the input, I usually ask my reefing forum but I started here, and I really like it here.
  11. They will say 55 to 75 gallons. I guess a wrasse or such would be nice. A heater?!? I think not. It never gets cold here (It hit 59F outside and I was shocked), and if it hits a chilly 70F inside the house, the pumps keep things warm Well I guess I'm sane enough and have enough equipment to continue on.... Need to find zoas and ask some locals on where they are to be found, I only know of 2 sites of where they grow.
  12. My tank has been ignored for a while(10% WCs every month, although 0 for everything you want to be 0). I upgraded a year ago to 36 watts of Rebel ES lighting from MH, and later found my drivers were at 1300 ma. So a month ago after finding that out I turned them down, the algae is disapearing, and the colony of 25 zoas left(as they stopped growing and slowly declined) are growing. So the algae starved them, and everything was bad news to say the least. I want to start fresh, I don't want a sump like I have on my current setup(I have siblings that could "supposedly" get into a sump plus electricity is expensive, and 40 watts running 24/7 adds up), and all that other random stuff. So I bought a new 40 Breeder and a metal stand (I wanted to do a Ipe stand since Ipe is like teak, but that would take a month) for $150 from the LFS, not bad for Hawaii pricing I am doing the regular array of Zoas and Palys, maybe Octocoral which loves cleaner water. Maybe the mystical leather if I can find it. I have a Remora, a larger AquaClear, the 36 watt LED light, and a Koralia Nano. Other then upgrading to an Evolution 550 is there anything else? I think the skimmer is good right? Also tangs, I know it's borderline, but what about a tang or something else other then my tomato clown and Bicolor Blenny? I know, lame questions, but I've been seperated from reefing land for ages. Anyways thanks for bearing with my dull questions, Josh
  13. jm82792

    What Did You Get For Christmas/holidays?!

    So far I know I have 16 coconut waters waiting for me. Such a different taste compared to what I can get from climbing the palms here. The rest is to be opened
  14. In the past 4 years I have never heard of anybody having any issues with John that were not immediately rectified. I guess if he sends them to you(if your reorder), he shouldn't send you any extras that he always sends out to his customers? Or if he sends you extras should he charge you for them?