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  1. hazmat

    zoa pox -__-

    Furan II dip. Go here: http://www.zoaid.com/articles004.php This is linked in Weetie's stickie at the beginning of this forum. I used this successfully. But you have to dip 3 days in a row and then repeat a week later. Hope that helps.
  2. hazmat

    Help with clowns and Flame Hawkfish

    No jumpers!! I have the top thoroughly covered!! And I would like everyone to coexist if possible. I'm hoping a couple of days in the breeder net will give the hawkfish time to acclimate to it's surroundings and for my clownfish to calm down. Has anyone had this experience of putting their fish in a net for a few days? Luckily it's pretty decent size. But I don't want to leave them in there too long.
  3. hazmat

    I'm getting so desperate!

    My clowns host the corner of my tank lgreen has it correct. They do what they want to do.
  4. I have 2 picasso clownfish that have just recently started to hang together. I'm hoping they will spawn sometime soon. They both stay in the left hand corner of my tank. They almost never venture out of that space. I just added a small Flame Hawkfish today that I purchased from Divers Den. Everything was fine for hours. I ran an errand and came back and noticed my 2 clowns were beating up the hawkfish.....BAD!!! The poor hawkfish's tail is shredded and his top fin has a huge chunk taken out of it. The flame was fighting back but 2 against 1 plus the flame is just a little thing. Only 1 1/2" at most. The clowns are even stalking the hawkfish by swimming up to where he is hiding in my sour apple birdsnest. I have a pretty large breeders net and I was able to catch my female clown easily and put her in the net. I can get the male tonight when he's sleeping. Is this the right thing to do? I won't be able to catch the hawkfish at this point but the clowns are easy to catch. How long should I/can I keep the clowns in the net? I would have never thought my clowns would be the aggressor. They have never bothered anything else in my tank and they were the first fish in there. So, am I doing the right thing by putting the clowns in the breeders net? Any other suggestions? Thanks for any help you can give me!
  5. hazmat


    Use can use acrylic rods and drill through the rock to hold them together and you can use aquamend putty. That's what I used to keep my "best ever" arch together
  6. hazmat


    I have to admit....I fell for it How about making a cool looking arch with the two side rocks? You could then put some awesome zoa's that need higher light up top. I'm into arches. I have one in my tank and it's best ever (LOL). J/K You have some really unique pieces. I think if you added a couple more pieces and made a cascading arch it would be phenomenal. Now that's a word you don't hear everyday I also thought the towel was your sandbed....
  7. For the mushroom I think if you take a razor blade and scrape it off the glass you should be fine. Mushrooms are almost like a pest....you can't get rid of them even if u want to.
  8. hazmat

    Time for new salt... anyone use this?

    I use Seachem reef salt and I really like it. It has higher levels of magnesium and alk. I switched from Red Sea Coral Pro and I also tried Reef Crystals. With both of those I had to supplement all the time. Especially the alkalinity. Never tried Tropic Marin though.
  9. hazmat

    Would I be overstocked...suggestions please

    Same thing with my Kole tang. I have a standard 4' 75 gallon and LA says a Kole can go in a 70. But I felt like he needed a bigger tank. He got overly aggressive too. Especially at feeding time. It was a total PITA to catch him (took me months!!) but my tank inhabitants are out and about more now and the tang's new owner says he is doing great in their 180. Live and learn!
  10. hazmat

    Will my jawfish be ok/move?

    I have a yellow head jawfish also. I haven't had your situation of a cave collapse but I was going to suggest for you to add some rock rubble. Put it around where his new burrow is and he will use it to line his burrow with. That might prevent another collapse. I took some of my live rock and cut off small pieces in varies shapes and sizes. I also put in small shells like the hermits use. You could pile of them near where you want him to make his burrow and hopefully he will make it there. If not he will pick them up and move them. My jawfish picks up the rocks and will arrange and rearrange his burrow daily. It's so darn cute!! He truly is my favorite fish. Glad to hear your fish is OK.
  11. hazmat

    Would I be overstocked...suggestions please

    When I first started out in the hobby I had a Red Sea Max which is 34 gallons. I saw this gorgeous Mystery Wrasse on Divers Den and it listed a minimum tank size of 30 gallons and was peaceful. I thought "perfect!". I purchased it but it was huge compared to my other fish. As time went on it became more and more aggressive and eventually ate my Helfrichi fire fish in ONE bite!! The fish was in my tank for a max of 30 minutes before he was eaten. I called the LFS where I bought the firefish and they said they had never heard of a Mystery Wrasse eating another fish like that. I finally realized my tank was just too small even though DD gave 30 as a minimum tank size. Now when you look up stats on a Mystery Wrasse it says 50 gallon minimum and is semi-aggressive. So even the professionals get it wrong sometimes. That's why these forums are good because people can give their personal experiences! I like to hear what others have experienced as well as what is written. Fewskillz is right on! Good luck with your choices . I'm trying to figure out my next fish too
  12. hazmat

    Would I be overstocked...suggestions please

    I posted on your other thread and I want to say sometimes it's easier said than done about catching and moving a fish. Your 10 gallon would probably be much easier than my 75 gallon but I just had the experience of FINALLY catching my Kole Tang because he was bullying his tankmates. Probably because even though everything I read said a Kole Tang would do fine in a 70 gallon tank I think he was a bit stifled. Anyway, it took me months and months to finally catch him. I had to buy a $40 fish trap and the whole ordeal was a PITA. All the while he was chasing and biting at my other fish. Even my clown fish!! My advice is to just make informed decisions about what fish you put in your tank. It's so much easier to pick wisely upfront than to tear up your tank getting a fish out of there later. Just my 2 cents. But I'm not getting into the flaming debate
  13. hazmat

    "Designer Clowns" -- where to buy?

    ooohhhhhhh!!!! Those are pretty!!!!!
  14. Every fish in my tank except for my 2 picasso clowns are from Divers Den. I buy from them exclusively because I know that every fish I get from them are going to be quarantined and healthy. And they have a 14 day money back guarantee. I decided that spending the extra money on shipping was worth it knowing that the fish I was getting was healthy and eating. I've NEVER had an issue with them at all. Now....not to burst your bubble but I don't think a wrasse would be a good pick for a 10 gallon tank. Even a small one. Wrasses are very active and like to swim. I think a 10 gallon tank is just too small and does not have enough swimming room for it. I also have a yellow head jawfish in my tank. I wanted to get a blenny also but I have read that jawfish and blennies don't mix. I have a 75 gallon tank so I was going to post a question to other reefers to get their personal experiences with having these 2 fish together thinking 75 gallons might have enough room for each to have their space. But, again, I wonder if having these 2 fish in such close proximity of a 10 gallon might prove troublesome. Just some things to think about. I have made plenty of mistakes myself buying fish that I thought would be fine in my tank only to realize they need more room. Hate for you to make the same mistakes. Good luck!
  15. hazmat

    "Designer Clowns" -- where to buy?

    Thank you They are just now starting to pair up. I'm hoping they will spawn soon. The second picture of each fish is shortly after I got them and the first pic is recent. So you can see their color spreading. Doni only sells true percs though (no snowflakes) just FYI