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  1. Sorry if i've missed this mate but what kind of flow you running through that? My 24x12x18 (I believe that is 20/22 US Gallons) and am currently converting it to a reef (will have 110W of T5 over it assuming thats enough for some of the lower light SPS)
  2. I dont often post but that coral on the bottom is intense ,
  3. Wow fantastic guys thanks for the help.
  4. Hi as some of you may or may not know I am the current owner of a FOWLR 20H (Cant afford the lighting for a reef atm still only a poor student!) and have decided that I would like to add a sump to the system as having powerheads + heater in the tank does geniunlly make it look ugly. Is there any possible way of drilling the tank without totally draining it? I realise the question to this is more than likely going to be a resonding no but I thought id better ask! Thanks for your time guys.
  5. Yeah but think about how much it costs to ship live rock over to our side of the pond : quite a pretty penny I can tell you!
  6. Hey guys Really appreciate all this help, been researching for over a year but theres always little things you miss! I've got 110W of T5 Lighting over the tank, im not fussed about keeping SPS corals at this point in time but am interested in keeping softies and lps With the correct flow and this lighting set up will they do well? Tank is 18 Inches deep.
  7. Please slap my round the face if Ive got confused somewhere but I was always lead to believe that corals are more delicate than fish? e.g. Clowns. Have I got my wires mixed somewhere? Also my cycled finished on the 16th Jan (At least to the point where ammonia spiked, then nitrite and then nitrate and all have come back down to 0) should I expect any of these levels rise up again? TY
  8. Yeah thanks guys was just confirming what I already had in my head! All the readings have spiked etc, just got to wait for tank to settle down now! (Live Rock was cured) Cheerz
  9. Might help if you knew tank stats! 22 US Gallon 24"x12"x18" (LxWxH)
  10. Heya Guys! Just wondering how long you all waited before you introduced your first live stock. Tank has been cycled for a week so far, readings are as follows: Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 0 PH: 8.2 SG: 1.023
  11. yeah id enjoy seeing that too as it will guide me on what K bulb to get thanks for all the help!
  12. well I can have any distant that I like as its on a pendant system 6 inches sounds good, its a 21.5 inch cube tank so I should think that 1x 150w will give plenty of light spread?
  13. hey guys and gals! longs time since i posted round here thought I may aswell become PART of the community, got a Q for all ur knowledgable brains out there! (flattery gets you everywhere right?) what would be most light demanding coral/invert I could keep under a 150w metal halide on a 21 inch deep tank, at a shove I could probably upgrade to 250W but as this is a package deal I will have to nag my backside off! A big hello too you all I look forward to posting here!
  14. Generally what would you say, powerhead wise I should stick in a 9 gallon tank measuring 18x10x10 to give a good flow? I have my eye on a sweeping powerhead Zoo-Med (Eden) PowerSweep Self-Rotating Power Head Model: 212 Watt Consumption: 9 Minimum flow: 100l/h maxiumum flow: 400l/h or 125 Uk g/h Will I need another powerhead in anothe postition in the tank? other suggestions would be great!
  15. ASL T5 Compact Professional Series Lighting Units if im reading it right it is 45cm long with ajustable legs. which is why im going into LFS to make sure without commiting and have it ending up 2 big