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  1. TheDoogan's Shallow Rimless Reef

    Doogan, would you mind posting the dimensions of the aluminium flat bar you used for suspending the Radion unit? Looking at a similar solution.
  2. Jgpico's 30 gal nuvo. New fts pg. 48

    Urchin looks superb, don't think i've ever seen one quite like it!
  3. Calvin415's ADA 60P

    Updates!! I demand updates! Planning to get an 60-P when I move apartment next month, loving the scrubber, definitely makes me consider a similar set up.
  4. Cycle Over...now bryopsis

    I also had Bryopsis appear towards the end of my cycle. I went with the tech-m method. It's about 5 days since I dosed and there is a definite decrease in the amount of Bryopsis about. Even the largest 'bushes' are starting to brown and fall apart now. I decided to go this route as I didn't want it getting a foothold even if water parameters are still all over the place. I'm planning to do a large water change soon to bring the Mg levels back to normal and get the clean up crew in there to keep on top of things. Phosphates 0 and Nitrates <5.
  5. Possible Bryopsis outbreak....

    Just an update for those interested. The Bryopsis defiantly seems to be thinning out with the smaller ones wilting and slowly turning white. With the aid of a toothbrush i'm scrubbing away the longer single stalks which were properly embedded before increasing the Mg level. Happy panda right here. Snails soon!
  6. Violinist's 20 Long - 3 Years!

    That blenny is beyond beautiful. I want one!! Fantastic as always
  7. Cute clowns , glad your Six Line is ok with them.
  8. Possible Bryopsis outbreak....

    I got my Phosphates to 0 and Nitrates <5 and it was simply getting worse. With no live stock in the tank today I have bumped up my Magnesium levels from 1280ppm, to 1620ppm. The only thing in the tank is the rock itself so I assumed I could be safe in just jumping straight up. If not, a lesson learned and at least no livestock is harmed in the process. I'll update this thread when I see some progress! As a side note I have actually just read your thread Haz which encouraged me to go ahead with this method. Thanks again. Edit just to add, I ORDERED AN MP10 TODAY, HURRAH!!
  9. UK online store?

    Well if its coral Fishman Frags UK has a great website, probably the best colours we in the UK are going to get anywhere. As for fish i'm still to find a decent one!
  10. UK online store?

    I like Charterhouse-Aquatics. Generally pretty competitive prices.
  11. Possible Bryopsis outbreak....

    Thanks for the reply Maybe I am been a little gung ho, I'm just so desperate to make sure this thing doesn't get a foothold, but your 20 or 2000 reference does put things in perspective. On an additional note my tests for ammonia and nitrite both read 0 this evening so I'll remove as much as I can with a water change and key an eye on things. As for the clean up crew I'm in no rush to add anything to the tank, in fact I'm actually kind of nervous about it! So long since I kept a marine tank it feels. Thanks again for all your input guys.
  12. Possible Bryopsis outbreak....

    Thanks for the info guys. I'm tempted to go the same way as you Haz tbh, going really aggressive while there is no livestock in there to threaten. Let me know how your battle goes and I shall do the same!
  13. Possible Bryopsis outbreak....

    Conducted a phosphate and nitrate test earlier. Phosphates coming in at 0.25 and Nitrates 5-10. I'm using what is meant to be RO/DI water from my LFS. I also tested the water itself and phosphates came out the same. Will be investing in my own unit and hope that it will sort itself out after the cycle and lowering phosphates. Thanks for the advice .
  14. Hey guys, Tank is currently still cycling, Ammonia and Nitrite have both spiked and are both currently reading 0.25. I have noticed amongst the pods on the glass what appears to be numerous tufts of Bryopsis. If this is the case would my best course of action be to raise the MG using Kent M? I have no livestock ofc as the tank is still cycling. Could it simply be a case of an algae outbreak associated with a new tank? Mainly an ID i'm after guys. Cheers.
  15. Can Diatoms...

    Produce air bubbles? From what I understand they feed off silicate and don't perform photosynthesis? I'm currently cycling a tank (using RO water) into my third day and reading 6.0 Ammonia, 0.25 Nitrite, 0 Nitrate. I have some diatoms on the sand bed but on a select few live rock pieces I have what appears to be a thick layer of brown algae producing air bubbles. I've looked at dino's and it doesn't appear 'stringy' and rising in the same way, but almost like a thick layer of diatoms. I'll throw up a photo tomorrow night (UK night) for a more positive ID. Any thoughts would be great. As a side note I intend to purchase a MP10 in the coming days to increase flow in case this is the issue.