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  1. AquaStyleOnline Club

    I got a 24 led kit and put it together according to the directions. Soldered everything together, everything appears to hooked up correctly but no light. If I touch the heat sink tho I can see light in the diodes. Ive never heard of this and cant figure it out. I tried everything, resoldered all my connections, checked, checked and rechecked the leds to make sure they were wired in series. Has anyone else had this problem or know how to fix it? Im dieing to see this thing over my tank.
  2. Duncan Coral

    Turn your pumps off and feed the fish. Then squirt mysis toward the coral, it will "grab" the mysis and put it in its mouth. Be sure the fish don't steal it. I usually feed mine every week, I think it makes a difference in growth but it could just be in my head. I feed all my lps this way. Watch your parameters also because of the extra food in the tank.
  3. Installed Nanotuners Barebones T5 in BC, help please.

    lol yea, I wanna try cutting a 48 inch reflctor to put behind each bulb. They just sent me a link to the fulham website showing a wire diagram.
  4. Installed Nanotuners Barebones T5 in BC, help please.

    I had my retro wired how you have it wired and one of the bulbs blew out. I emailed Nanotuners and they said I have it wired incorrectly. You may want to look into rewiring the negative side. They said that the negative side has to be wired exactly like the positive. I daisy chained the negative side like you did and the first bulb blew out after 3 weeks. I have not been pleased with the output of these bulbs. My stock AP24 lighting was brighter.
  5. Fan Vs Fanless T5HO fixtures

    I used to work at a store that sold wavepoint fixtures and we ran them on all the show tanks. They are nice fixtures, especially for the price. The ATI bulbs would be a nice upgrade from the stock bulbs as well.
  6. Tanks Wanted

    It would help if you put your location
  7. biocube 29 mixed

    Thats a good idea, but im gonna use my stock lighting(replaced bulbs) for a freshwater retro.
  8. biocube 29 mixed

    Atinic white 454 Aquasun Super Atinic I wanted it really blue. Im still waiting on mine, they havent shipped it yet, they said the endcaps were out of stock.
  9. skimmer overflow box

    I havent seen any reviews on this, but its close to your dimensions, and is affordable. http://www.aquatraders.com/Continuous-Siph...600-p/44011.htm
  10. The Tunze Osmolator has failed me TWICE!

    Thats a sick avatar, I love that movie.
  11. biocube 29 mixed

    lol, just ordered the same retro. I cant wait to get it installed. The tank looks great, definitely gonna follow along
  12. Question about a skimmer for a 60-gallon cube

    I would look at the eshopps skimmers, ive heard nothing but good things about them and they are very affordable. Or if you want to spend a little more money then the swc 120 cone would be a great choice.
  13. best 70w 20,000k bulb?

    I had a Ushio 20k and it was very yellow for a 20k, I currently have a XM 20k and like the color better than the Ushio. Ive heard good things about Radium bulbs also
  14. Gobies in a nano?

    Definitely cover your tank before getting a goby, they are jumpers. Mine jumped within 24 hours
  15. Skimmer for Aquapod

    I heard Sapphire went out of business. Ive heard the Tunze fit with the addition of the low profile cup. Another option is AquaticLife Internal Mini Skimmer 115 but i dont know if it will fit in the stock AP24. I also have an AP24 and was looking for a skimmer to fit under the hood.