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  1. Magrock for the black portion. See you guys in two years!
  2. Pretty nice bead on B,good job
  3. You could supplement a halide with led, but they don't compliment each other very well. People on N-R generally avoid halides because of radiated heat first, efficiency/cost of bulbs second. It's not the one-two punch of a few well constructed LED clusters and a couple of t5 tubes.
  4. Unrelated note, I was singing that while doing maintenance on a bomber recently. Really only need from 0:20-0:30. Also, I'll buy your kat frags with people moneys if ya want.
  5. Everything looks accurate, although your white torch is most likely just bleached.
  6. Your acans are "bailing out." For what ever reason, they don't feel their current location is suitable, so the flesh is peeling off of the skeleton to float away in search of greener pastures. Good news is, your rainbow might be ok if you can locate it, although just as often they brown jelly in to nothing after this. Bad news is I have no idea what in your system caused it in the first place. Usually, it's an attempt to escape an aggressive coral, or extreme flow that began to tear the flesh away to begin with. Just some thoughts, I can't be certain.
  7. Chemiclean is always a last resort in my mind, I was fighting thick sheets of cyano for the better part of a year before I caved. That said, it certainly works, but I'd go with the microbacter7 first
  8. One tank, one de-sire..tish tish, oi oi. The mob thought they could stop it, the jedi thought they could stop it...tish tish, oi oi... "But Tony, it can't do that, it's a normal fish tank! ?" "...that ain't just a fish tank, Rocco..." But the powwwwer of the heart, friendship forged with a Florida boy, would not allow it to staaahp...tish tish, oi oi... "I love you red sea, I don't care what they say, or what I had to sell!" Fighting the laws of nature with its temperature defying fists of fury, this is, The 90... "...bubble...return whine..." *fade to black on the heating element* Coming soon to a reef forum near yeeehw.
  9. Shot in the dark, but that looks an awful lot like galaxea to me. Don't keep it within 8"of anything, just to be safe. LPS,for the record.
  10. Maroon clowns get much larger, and are much more aggressive, than percula or occelaris. A mature female can push 6", and they're very heavy set fish. If they're your only inhabitants, they'll be fine for a while, but will eventually outgrow the space. IME, I'd much prefer a large flat rock to a stack of boulders, depending on what coral you intend to stock that is. I would personally pepper the bottom half with zoanthids and let then grow toward the light
  11. I believe rubbing alcohol and a razor blade would do the trick. Edit: reading comprehension. Rubbing alcohol is always what I've used, but I've never had vast tracts of glass to clean off. It might take several applications and some elbow grease, but it should eventually work. Nothing else springs to mind
  13. I found Harrys theme song, and I'm jealous.