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  1. Wow. Glad to hear it's coming back. I also had a single headed duncan that was doing really well for a few months and then just closed up, thought it was a goner, but after 5 - 6 weeks it started opening up regularly. Not quite to it's former glory yet, but I decided to move it to the side of the tank for less light and now try to feed it once a week. Best wishes on a full recovery!
  2. Radioactive Dragon Eyes. Mine grow like crazy. Beautiful colony you have.
  3. What white stuff are you refering to? The only white I see are the centers of your green star polyps.
  4. Thanks for your concern, but the rhodactis did this about a week ago, not at all sure why. Water params are great, no ammonia, no phosphorous, 5.0 nitrates, sg 1.025, ph 7.8 - 8.0, temp 78 - 80. The green striped was definitely from trauma, started doing it after I picked him up from his fall and glued him to his new home. He's almost fully out today after lights on, so I'm not worried. Just didn't know mushrooms even did this until I saw the rhodie do it a little last week.
  5. Another mad mushroom, pushing his innards out a little. Don't know what made this one do this.
  6. I moved my green striped mushroom off the substrate yesterday. I wanted a temporary location to see the water flow, and later I found that he had fallen off the rock. He was not a happy camper with all the change. Didn't know mushrooms would "puke" their guts out like this. He's fine today, glued to the rock now.