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  1. what type of snail is that? nice pic btw
  2. Wow!!! nice pic, and a beautiful specimen
  3. Not a good begining, and could lead to some disappointment, and lose of some really special animals lives. take it from someone who learned the hard way, it isn't fun. As far as the animals are concerned it is just wrong, and irresponsible and torture.
  4. my Emerald crab bulldozed through my hair algea in a couple of weeks. They are great little critters
  5. Hail Hail to Pearljam
  6. WOW!!!, never scene such pristine sand!!!! Nice set up!!
  7. nice looking tank
  8. the photo is a little washed out, but it doesn't look like caulerpa, anyway a herbivorous fish or emerald crab will tear right through it, if you looking to get rid of it.
  9. very nice, If you ever decide to frag some, i'm just south of you and would to trade or buy some
  10. FTS

    NICE SET UP, with room to grow and add stuff too
  11. what type of tank is that? I have the same one but it says 680 where yours says 400. i cant figure out who the manufacture is. nice start by the way
  12. very nice tank
  13. the black percs look sick(as in awesome), your aquascape rocks too(no pun intended)
  14. Crap when I saw the thumbnail, i was like no He didn't, then after clicking on it I saw it was a fake, very Funny LOL