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  1. My Fish List

    ditto on fairy and 6-line wrasse. There was some intial fighting, but after a breif time it was no longer an issue.
  2. Cool Conch

    what type of snail is that? nice pic btw
  3. Yellow Fiji Leather Help!

    +1, yeah I add a nice rock of 6 or 7 toadstools about a week ago, and only yesterday and today have they finally been opening and looking like they did at the store. leathers are some of the hardiest corals arounf (generally) so give them some time and tlc and it should open sooner than later. Also your lighting may be a little dim for a yellow leather make sure he is higher up in the tank.
  4. help with what corals are easiest.

    www.sealifeinc.net has great blue zoas and other great thing for a very fair price, especially things in their nano selection
  5. Duncan Coral

    Hi all I bought a Duncan Coral about 2 months ago. It had 9 fully formed heads at the time as well as 5 or 6 developing heads. It now has 14 developed heads with another 9 developing heads. needless to say it has been growing very well. It lives off krill and mysid and the occasional brine that it catches while I feed my fish. My question is simple really. Do I need to be feeding each individual mouth(head) like a suncoral needs? I was under the understanding that you don't. while talking to another hobbiest he said you had too, otherwise it will grow weird, and or parts would die off. I try and feed as many mouths as I can, because I want this coral to grow out quickly so I can frag some off to sell and well the more nutriotion it gets the quicker it can grow. I have really noticed that it sucks up the calcium out of my system too. I have mostly softies and only the Duncan and chalice are Lps. I have noticed that I need to supplement more often since I have added this coral. Anyway is once a week enough for feeding? Should I feed it more often and try and get every mouth? Everything is going fine, and has been but after talking to this other guy, I am kinda doubting myself. Maybe the Duncan could be doing even better than it is. Thanks
  6. Kenya Tree bending/folding over - Why?

    Mine has done that off and on again for years, and it continues to grow and do its thing. I don't believe it to be a sign of failing health. But I would be interested to know why they do it from time to time.
  7. best place to order rics?

    they are great for sure, but if you want a little better pricing try www.sealifeinc.net
  8. white dots all over tank

    +1, lots of options to chose from. Do you have nerite snails? they leave egg casings all over that are little white dots. Also could be tiny tube worms ect ect ect , w/o pics it's hard to say.
  9. Feather Duster

    Wow!!! nice pic, and a beautiful specimen
  10. Is this place expensive or it just me

    Rip off to the max, way overpriced!!!
  11. Pincushion urchins in acrylic tanks

    Interesting info folks. Thanks for the insight. I have decided a scaper is my best bet. A lot simpler to handle without the worries. So maybe when I upgrade to a larger glass tank I will revisit the idea of getting an Urchin.
  12. Via Aqua 680 Aquarium Tank

    21 gallons sounds about right, Thank you so much
  13. Via Aqua 680 Aquarium Tank

    I'm trying to figure out how many gallons this thing holds. It's around 20, but I am not sure if it is 20, 21 or even 24. Thanks Dan
  14. good point and maybe I should have clarified better on that. My kids don't mees with my reef tank, they do have their own fowlr tank that they are mostly responsible for. My tank is hands off. However that doesnt stop us from doing it together. We mix water together, scrub our tanks(which sit in the same room) together, preform water changes together, go to Lfs together, and some nights we just sit on the couch turn of all the lights and Tv and just watch what goes on in the tanks. it has provided hours of enjoyment for the family. we gather for funerals as well on the occasion one is needed. Nothing was sadder than our beloved "Dory" passed for unexplained reasons. (stupid Blue Hippo Tangs!!! I have the worstl luck with them!!!)
  15. My tank is growing coraline algea like crazy on my back wall mostly and I have decided I am not a huge fan of it. One thing I was looking at getting are some(1 or 2) Pincushion Urchins from Sealife.net since they love coraline algea. My question is do they cause damage with their radula like abalone and certain cowries on acrylic tanks? the ones for sal on sealife are 1 to 1 1/2 inches. of course they grow bigger. But I have a friend that says small ones are fine. But I have to question that since they are small, maybe the damage is harder to see since they are smaller?