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  1. Sorry to hear about the glass issues. Any luck on a similar footprint tank?
  2. Wow, that looks great. With your scape the way it is, are you staying with the NBR Tide?
  3. I haven't unbaffled it yet but when I do it will be done cautiously as I read about the potential for battle scars.
  4. So nice and clean. Did you go back to a background in the last pic? Getting ready to do this to a IM20 and if I can get it 1/2 as nice as yours, Ill be happy.
  5. Is an internal skimmer out of the consideration? You already have a black background so disguising something like a Tunze skimmer wouldn't be all the difficult. You would still have the cup visible but you were always going to have some visible equipment whether it's a skimmer cup or a HOB filter.
  6. Wow, scape and light looks great. Can't wait to see this fill in!
  7. Are you using any type of GFO?
  8. Make offers. Really need to move this
  9. Thanks Dave, just another testament to prove you are top notch. Once things settle down and I'm ready to get back in, I will be placing another order. As for the sale, reasonable offers will be considered.