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  1. No plans to do a tank thread. Would be a horribly boring experience for everyone involved! What are you going to do for a cover? The I've picked 4 snails off the floor in the last couple days.
  2. I just set up my DB30 and I love it. Have you tried adjusting the water level using the floodgate? Seems like water sneaks in underneath it.
  3. The 8-5 is going to feel like forever today. Vacation starts at 5 today. Driving down to Gulf Shores for a few nights and then over to New Orleans for a few more. Never been to NO before, anybody been that has recommendations?
  4. Interviewers are all different. When I ask that question, I'm looking for some sign of self-awareness and the desire to improve. Ideal answer for me is a true weakness that isn't a deal-breaker (don't tell me that you smoke meth) and a couple examples of what you're doing to improve. Sounds like fun. That's the fun dad-stuff I look forward to someday. Spent my weekend helping the neighbor cut down trees and split wood. Filled up my wood rack, will be ready for some bonfires in a couple months.
  5. Good luck. I've been both the interviewee and interviewer for the Fortune 500 I work for. Know yourself, know your resume, and try to plan ahead of time for the common questions (weaknesses, strengths, etc.). You'll be fine.
  6. I left NR for 8 months, and our reef forum turned into a gun forum!