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  1. SPS dying off... been healthy, no apparent reason

    This is what leads me to believe Monti eating nudi's sice it only effecting his monipora. Check them at night with a flashlight. Look on the bottoms of the caps and the base of the digitata.
  2. SPS dying off... been healthy, no apparent reason

    Have you checked for montipora eating nudi's?
  3. Johnr's 40 breeder

    There is one in there. 4 mexican turbos and about 20 astrias. The diatoms are actually at the tail end of there cycle. There will be no hermits put in this tank. I am tired of them killing the snails in my other tanks just to try there shell on.
  4. Johnr's 40 breeder

    There is some life in it now. I moved over 36 frags of zoa's and acans from my 30 the other day. Its been up around a month I have just been lazy about posting it. I also have a pair of clowns in there and a GBT. The rock I used was fully cured so there was never a cycle. I will try to get the most rescent pics up later. Here is a pic of the clowns the misbar from ORA is my favorite. I picked him up on saturday.
  5. Johnrs 30 cube build

    Ok I have decided to go all SPS in this tank after Talking with Anthony Calfo at Macna. He was pointing out the drawbacks to running a mixed reef so I hit the ground running and set up a softy/LPS tank and have turned this one strictly SPS. I also upgraded the skimmer to the new MRC ocean force one. Its doing awsome and pulled out in one day what my other skimmer took a week to do. I will get some pics up after I rearrange all my SPS.
  6. Johnr's 40 breeder

    Well this is what I have been up to lately. I have been wanting to set up a tank dominated by zoas and acans for a while. I wanted to quit running a mixed reef in my 30 cube and just do SPS in it. Its been running about a month and I just moved all my softies and LPS over from my 30 cube. Here are the specs. AGA 40 breeder Approx 30g sump 780gph quiet one pump coralife 125 superskimmer koralia 1 koralia 2 current sundial T-5 ho fixture 4 bulb fish need it T-5 ho fixture 2 bulb 45 lbs of liverock 50-60 lbs of sand 250w stealth heater
  7. xbwolfx's 30g Cube - PICS 3/21

    I disagree about the lights being on too long. I run a 250 PFO pendant with a pheonx 14k on the same tank for 9 hours and dont have an algea problem. Algea blooms are usually a sign of excess nutrients. I get algea on the glass that has to be wiped down with a mag float every couple of days but dont get it on my sand or my rock.
  8. xbwolfx's 30g Cube - PICS 3/21

    Nice build. I have one very similar. If you dont want to use a filter sock stuff some floss between the baffles in your sump and change it when you do a water change.
  9. DIY aquarium stand - show me yours

    Very nice Stoney. I am starting a 40b next week and will be steeling a few of your ideas. anyway here is the one I built for my 30 cube
  10. Johnrs 30 cube build

    Took some PAR readings today
  11. Johnrs 30 cube build

    Also realized I never posted a stock list so here it is. Cali tort Tyree true undata Garf bonzia Miagi tort sunset monti rainbow monti stary night orange cap leng sy Red milli blue milli psammacora dales unknown armageddons tubs blues eye of rah blowpops nuclear greens eagle eyes orange crush acans pink micro blue acans lord of the rings orange recordias teal ricordias orange/blue yuma maxima clam multiple other zoa's lawnmower blenny 2 false percs cleaner shrimp ORA green birdsnest tubs birdsnest red blasto merletti frogspawn I'm sure I am forgetting something
  12. Johnrs 30 cube build

    OK time for an update. I ditched the sunpod a few weeks ago and went with a PFO 250w pendent and a pheonix 14K. The colors are amazing now.
  13. Cheap tds meter

    I bet they are going to be hard to find there from here on out. The one I bought was on clearance which typically means they are going to stop carrying them. I asked the manager and she just happened to remember marking them down and putting them in the clearence bin the day before. She also had no idea what it was for just remembered marking something down that said TDS. I checked my water in Paulding county Ga. just outside Atlanta and got 52 TDS
  14. Cheap tds meter

    I just picked one up from my walgreens on clearance $3.75 woo hoo