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    Animals and the artsl! My career goals have gone as follows:<br /><br />Artist (Age 5) > Dancer (Age 16) > Marine Vet (Age 17) > Biologist/Musician/Superhero (Age 20) > Backup Plan: Cat Lady<br /><br />So anyways.... I am working towards a biology degree. I hope to study in the field of ocean sciences. My heart belongs to the ocean, I am a scuba diver, and a soon to be reef keeper. Currently I am a technician for Apple and I spend my days dreaming about the ocean and troubleshooting wireless networks (YAY).<br /><br />In my spare time you will find me: <br />-Scuba Diving<br />-Working at the kennel<br />-At work troubleshooting Apple computers (if you have any mac issues I am the one to ask)<br />-Loving my pets <br />-Glued to my guitar and/or piano<br />-Singing in the shower<br /><br />"Over and out"
  1. Nano-Reef.com Birthday Giveaway

    Happy Birthday! I am in Canada, but I have family in the US that can be shipped to if I am so lucky -Alysia
  2. Online frags

    So I stopped by my lfs and networked with a couple people in the business. They have a great selection of corals, but what is not so great is their prices. I did not plan on it being a cheap hobby, but I heard people talking about online purchases and I was wondering if anyone knows a good website to purchase frags. I m in Canada so Canadian shipping is a must! Please note: I am not planning to add corals until my tank has fully cycled, I have a good CUC, and I have done my research on each purchase before hand. I am just dreaming about what I would like to have in my tank.
  3. I can't get any distilled water

    Do you have culligan in your area? You don't need to buy and RO unit to get RO water. Walmart even sells it in the big blue 5 gal jugs. If all else fails, try your LFS.
  4. Reef Overview

    I have the same filter as you!
  5. Think I just about killed my clown

    We can't fix the problems with global warming, but I am all for not making it worse.
  6. Think I just about killed my clown

    lol... religion = truth?? Never thought I would use that in the same sentence. What are we good for? Just because we are the intelligent beings does not mean that we can #### with the balance of life.
  7. Think I just about killed my clown

    That is the piss poor religious view... god made animals for us to eat.. !@#$ that
  8. Think I just about killed my clown

    That is the circle of life. It is what keeps things balanced! Who are we to !@#$ with that?
  9. Think I just about killed my clown

    Eat grass... there is lots of that. People's excuse for shooting deer is that they are overpopulated... why not eat each other then?
  10. Think I just about killed my clown

    I am thinking about selling the penis and finding myself a bigger one. Hell because we are omnivores I am sure I will have no problem finding a hunter with a bigger one... just gotta sharpen my pencil Any takers? Willing to trade for frags.
  11. Think I just about killed my clown

    I hate Hate HATE hunting. Those who hunt deserve to be hunted.
  12. Think I just about killed my clown

    I was just pissed that you stabbed a deer with a pencil.
  13. Think I just about killed my clown

    Come here and ill stab you with a pencil
  14. Think I just about killed my clown

    We don't care what some now-dickless person on the internet has to say.