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    Animals and the artsl! My career goals have gone as follows:<br /><br />Artist (Age 5) > Dancer (Age 16) > Marine Vet (Age 17) > Biologist/Musician/Superhero (Age 20) > Backup Plan: Cat Lady<br /><br />So anyways.... I am working towards a biology degree. I hope to study in the field of ocean sciences. My heart belongs to the ocean, I am a scuba diver, and a soon to be reef keeper. Currently I am a technician for Apple and I spend my days dreaming about the ocean and troubleshooting wireless networks (YAY).<br /><br />In my spare time you will find me: <br />-Scuba Diving<br />-Working at the kennel<br />-At work troubleshooting Apple computers (if you have any mac issues I am the one to ask)<br />-Loving my pets <br />-Glued to my guitar and/or piano<br />-Singing in the shower<br /><br />"Over and out"
  1. I have the same filter as you!
  2. What is the purple/yellow fish?
  3. What is the peachy/pink fish in the front called? Also, how many gal is this??